Perficient Digital Creates Patient Engagement App to Highlight Communication Capabilities

by Adobe Experience Manager Mobile Team

posted on 08-05-2016

This summer, the Experience Manager Mobile team challenged a few of our technology partners to create proof-of-concept (POC) apps that highlight the capabilities of Experience Manager Mobile while showing off their extensive Experience Manager chops.

Companies like Perficient Digital, Axis41, and Ensemble, also took the challenge and did some great work. The POCs are clear examples of how—if using the right tools and technologies—apps can leverage existing content and systems, be brought to market quickly, and become indispensable business tools.

Here, Anton Zuponcic, Solutions Architect at Perficient Digital, the full-service agency arm of the consulting firm Perficient, talks about the patient engagement POC app they built and how they integrated it into a typical Experience Manager workflow, plus brought in essential mobile marketing services in Adobe Marketing Cloud, like mobile analytics, notifications, geo-location, and more.

Adobe: Tell us about your proof-of-concept app.

Zuponcic: Our demo app, Daily Dose, was created to show healthcare providers how they can use mobile technology to help improve patient health. One big issue for healthcare providers is helping patients follow treatment guidelines after they’re discharged. Patients may need to keep moving after heart surgery or take an aspirin every night to help manage high blood pressure. The Daily Dose app combines reminders, scheduling, and prescription management with a basic messaging system so that case managers can check in with patients at any time.

Adobe: Why do healthcare companies need a patient engagement app?

Zuponcic: The core issue here is communication. Most people use their mobile devices every day, throughout the day, so there’s no better way for brands to interact with customers, consumers, or in this case, patients. We chose healthcare for our demo app, but the general concept can be any industry—real estate, financial services, education, you name it.

Adobe: Why deliver this experience in a mobile app rather than a mobile-friendly website?

Zuponcic: One of the biggest differences with an app is that you can take advantage of the mobile device itself. You can build in features based around GPS, voice recording, or push notifications that you simply can’t get on a website. A lot of these core mobile functionalities make it easier to interact with the app and really grab users’ attentions to increase engagement.

Adobe: What was your experience working with Experience Manager Mobile?

Zuponcic: It’s really straightforward to develop an app using Experience Manager Mobile. The entire process took just five weeks from start to finish. You don’t need to be an experienced developer to add advanced features like custom push notifications.

Adobe: What are the benefits of using the integrated Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions with Experience Manager Mobile?

Zuponcic: There are huge efficiencies with Adobe Marketing Cloud including Experience Manager, Analytics, and Target. Everything is integrated, leading to faster time to market, personalized experiences, and insightful analytics out of the box. For example, we were able to automate the back-end systems by leveraging Experience Manager Sites and Experience Manager Assets to supply our app with content. That means our clients can easily and quickly get the information that they need to adapt their app experiences or messaging to better engage their audiences.

Adobe: How do think building a proficiency in Experience Manager Mobile with benefit your clients?

Zuponcic: Experience Manager Mobile opens up new services for our clients. We’re not relying on an overworked team of developers, so we can quickly build out an app and spend time working with clients to create something that really targets their needs. As an Adobe Solution Partner, we have a deep knowledge of how to get the most out of Adobe products. Combined with our expertise on the challenges and possibilities within our clients’ industries, we can help clients get the most out of their app experiences to engage with audiences and deliver positive impacts to the bottom line.

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