Webinar: VMware Enables a Global Sales Force with Mobile Apps

by Adobe Experience Manager Mobile Team

posted on 08-08-2016

We’re very excited to announce that Sheena Benjamin from VMware’s global field readiness team will co-host a webinar with Adobe on August 24 at 10am PT/1pm ET.

During this webinar, Sheena will share VMware’s story about integrating mobile apps into their sales enablement strategy and how they are using Experience Manager Mobile to build and deploy them. You’ll hear how the field readiness team worked closely with sales to get direct input on the mobile app and then created an experience based entirely on their feedback.

Sheena will talk about their omni-channel strategy and explain how the app is accessible via desktop, tablets and phones and is available to both internal and external audiences. You’ll also get an insider’s view of the design and functionality of the app, its content and how VMware is using analytics to measure effectiveness and establish ROI.

Adobe technology partner, Ensemble, who helped VMware create their new app, will then go under the hood for a brief demo and show how the app was built using Experience Manager Mobile. See a great example of some recent work by Ensemble here.

Plus, Jill Steinhour, Adobe’s expert on the high tech industry, will present recent data from a B2B survey that Adobe conducted that illustrates how other high-tech leaders are using mobile apps to solve business challenges.

Don’t miss this highly informative, thought-provoking hour that will leave you with clear insights on how to move forward with your own mobile strategy.

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Topics: Digital Transformation

Products: Experience Manager