Groupon: Unbeatable Deals for Strong Growth

by Document Cloud Team

posted on 08-17-2016

“Adobe Sign makes the contract process seamless for our internal teams and our merchants. Our teams spend less time on contracts and more time nurturing relationships with merchants.”

Erica Geil, Vice President, Global Engineering Operations, Groupon

Discovering the next great deal

With thousands of new experiences available daily—from dining at local restaurants to buying designer shoes or booking mini-vacations—Groupon lets shoppers search and discover great services at unbeatable prices. Since its launch in 2008, the company has grown rapidly to serve 49.4 million active customers in more than 500 markets worldwide.

One area where Groupon excels is reaching out to local and small businesses. Groupon has worked with more than one million merchant partners globally, and more than 90% of the businesses Groupon works with have 20 employees or fewer. Groupon business consultants often work directly with business owners, who often don’t have time or resources to deal with complicated contract processes.

To keep pace with strong growth and better serve small merchants, Groupon needed a better way to process the thousands of contracts signed monthly. The company decided to streamline contract workflows by integrating Adobe Sign, an Adobe Document Cloud solution, with its Salesforce CRM solution.

“Processing thousands of contracts each month requires a customizable and easy-to-use solution that’s available to our business consultants and merchants,” says Erica Geil, Vice President of Global Engineering Operations at Groupon. “Adobe Sign automates contract management and processes for most of our contracts every month.”

Better results from improved accuracy and efficiency

Adobe Sign offers Groupon a streamlined, consistent contract management solution for issuing and storing contracts. After entering details about a merchant into Salesforce, a business consultant can initiate the contract process for e-signatures. Contract templates live in Salesforce and are pushed to Conga Composer, and then to Adobe Sign. The contract is then automatically routed to the merchant.

“The integration with Adobe Sign, Salesforce, and Conga Composer makes the contract process seamless for our business consultants and merchants. The process is so fast that business consultants can even send a contract and receive the signature while on the phone with a merchant,” says Geil. “Our business consultants spend less time on contracts and more time nurturing relationships with merchants.” As a result, Groupon used Adobe Sign to increase the number of agreements sent by more than 11% in a year.

Using the real-time metrics and analytic tools in Adobe Sign, Geil can quickly identify issues and make data-driven decisions that continually improve the contract workflow. “As a public company, we need the audit trail in Adobe Sign to show how we control information access,” says Geil. “Through Adobe Sign, we’re continuing to improve the contract workflow to make it faster, more secure, and more convenient for our business consultants and merchant partners.”

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