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by Document Cloud Team

posted on 08-30-2016

“With speed, efficiency, and auditability, Adobe Sign is a powerful tool that helps us improve operations to keep energy flowing for our customers.”

Cor van der Scheer, Procurement Processes & Systems Manager, AusNet Services

Keeping the lights on is serious work for AusNet Services, which powers 1.3 million Australian homes and businesses. The utility company helps maintenance crews minimize service disruption with a sophisticated procurement system, which is now even more efficient thanks to Adobe Sign, an Adobe Document Cloud solution.

“Our executives were very pleased with the speed of Adobe Sign. Signed contracts are delivered to their email inboxes in an average of two days instead of four weeks,” says Cor van der Scheer, Procurement Processes & Systems Manager at AusNet Services. “We can start improvements and new construction faster to deliver on our commitment of offering reliable services 24/7.”

Adobe Sign integrates with AusNet Services’ SAP Ariba procurement system. Users can send and sign documents with just a few clicks, eliminating delays and costs associated with printing, distributing, and manual tracking. Adobe Sign also simplifies regulatory compliance with automated audit reports.

AusNet Services also used the MegaSign function in Adobe Sign to send a Code of Business Conduct form to 150 of their executives—most signed and returned forms within a few days. Automatic weekly reminders to those who hadn’t signed also helped reduce administrative follow-up.

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