Adobe Helps California Broaden Electronic Signature Use

by Dan Puterbaugh

posted on 09-08-2016

For years, Adobe has helped California understand the uses of digital and electronic signatures for business and government. Similarly, the California state government has paved the way for adoption of electronic and digital signatures by establishing laws that encourage state agencies to accept them.

This forward-thinking approach has led to widespread digital transformation in California, but it has also led to some unintended consequences. Laws that were not cross-referenced bred confusion and the adoption of e-signatures was hobbled because some believed that electronic and digital signatures were not as equally valid under state law.

With that in mind, Adobe worked with California Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Assemblyman Evan Low to clarify the laws so that state agencies, cities and counties were empowered to accept electronic signatures whenever possible. The result is Assembly Bill 2296 that declares that California state agencies can accept whichever type of signature is appropriate for a particular transaction.

With this new law, California government agencies will be able to use all the technological options available to improve workflows and processes; businesses will be able to quickly file all types of forms and documentation online without the need to print out, sign, and fax or mail the form; and citizens and consumers will be able to enjoy a greater degree of responsiveness and ease in working with government agencies.

“AB 2296 is an important step forward for California government,” said Alex Padilla, California Secretary of State. “Expanding the use of electronic signatures can help reduce paper waste, save costs and build new efficiencies. I thank Adobe and other companies who have built the innovative technology that will help modernize government with electronic signatures.”

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