Designing Mobile-Friendly Email-Marketing Campaigns

by Kristin Naragon

posted on 09-08-2016

Mobile devices dominate all over the world. This should not be news to you. Just last year, 17 percent of holiday sales took place on mobile devices. It’s becoming more common for consumers to check their emails and convert on their phones and tablets. But, a significant number of people are turned off by how emails look on their mobile devices.

The single best way to ensure your emails open correctly on any device is to have a well thought-out mobile-design strategy. Creating fully responsive emails can be resource intensive and may be unnecessary for your brand at this time. At the very least, you should consider adopting a mobile-optimized or partially responsive design strategy. Here are a few tips to ensure you are optimizing your email program for the always on-the-go email subscriber:

  1. Keep It Simple! This may seem obvious, but the simpler your email, the better your chances are of it displaying properly on mobile devices. When optimizing for mobile, think about what offers, links, and images are most important to display.
  2. Optimize for Fingers — Not Mouses. Remember that customers will be navigating your emails using their fingers — not mouses. Make sure your links and buttons are large enough and have enough space to make them easy to tap.
  3. An Image Tells a Thousand Words. Not everyone will be reading your email on a large screen, so ensure text is easy to read and to the point. Remember, an image is worth a thousand words.
  4. Have a Single, Clear Call to Action. Make it obvious what you want your reader to do and put it near the top of the email. Don’t force your reader to scroll too much to get to the point.
  5. Leverage Technology to Help You Test. It’s nearly impossible to test against all of the different mobile devices, operating systems, email clients, and mobile app combinations on the market today. Leverage technology providers to help you edit and test your email content.

There’s not a one-size-fits all approach to mobile design. While a fully responsive program may not be the right fit for every email program, email campaigns should always be optimized for mobile devices.

Topics: Campaign Management, Digital Transformation