Lightroom for Mobile Update Gives Everyone Access to the Tools of the Pros

by Adobe Communications Team

posted on 09-13-2016

lightroom-sept2016Today’s updates to Lightroom for Mobile will make it even easier for photographers and photo enthusiasts to capture their next amazing shot straight from their iPhone or iPad. That’s because Lightroom 2.5 will now support the capture of Adobe raw DNG on iOS 10 devices. Why is that a big deal? The DNG format – or Adobe Digital Negative – gives photographers the ability to capture highest quality image and it also provides greater flexibility to edit images.

“Adobe DNG is the perfect file format for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts alike because it offers the freedom to create amazing looking images, and the ability to fix photos that are taken in less than ideal conditions,” said Bryan Lamkin, executive vice president & general manager, Digital Media. “With Lightroom for mobile 2.5 we’re ushering in a new era of mobile photography by putting the power of Photoshop Lightroom in everyone’s hands.”

Check out a post from Thomas Knoll, the creator of Photoshop and Adobe DNG file format, about the history and benefits of shooting and editing in Adobe DNG

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