The Importance of Well-being

by Selina Kearney

posted on 09-15-2016

Wellbeing is important, but can be elusive in modern times. It’s a fine balance of enjoying your occupation, maintaining strong relationships, having a nutritious diet, getting enough exercise, enough sleep and sustaining a positive outlook on life; a list in itself that proves somewhat stressful! With current trends emphasizing healthy lifestyles and work/life balance, it’s no surprise that stock photographs and videos that represent those concepts are steadily gaining popularity.

Adobe Stock is looking for high quality content representing spa and wellness treatments to expand our collection. We want to see people so relaxed that all just looking at them will make the viewer feel calm!

The atmosphere created by wellness centers and health spas only accounts for half of the experience. The music, the smell, the dimmed light all feed into your senses, letting you know its time to let go; of the stress, anxieties and demands of your everyday life.

Diversity is key. We want to see men and women, both old and young getting treatments in a whole host of environments. To make it believable, step back from the action and document the scene, capturing the ambient light, letting your models absorb the moment, and avoid eye contact to the camera.

The models need to look healthy with a desirable skin complexion, not only promoting a healthy mindset, but also a healthy body type. Also, try taking some shots without showing the face of the model, as ambiguous campaigns help people to develop a personification to a theme or product.

Be sure to record the small details as well as the treatment room, with and without the models present.

Another gap in our content is mud treatments. Photographing people covered in mud and making it appealing is not the easiest task. This is when you need to think outside of the box. Take care with your perspectives, use of light and depth of field. If the mud treatment looks green and unattractive try suggesting an alternative texture or color that makes it appear more rich and luxurious.

People often gift spa treatment vouchers to couples, individuals or as a group of friends, so try capturing people enjoying wellness treatments together as well as alone.

There are also many alternative treatments in need of representation, such as reflexology, acupuncture, cupping, ayurvedic shirodhara treatments, and so many more. If your local spa offers any unique treatments be sure to treats some models to a session and capture some quality relaxation!

Plan your production in advance, know your preferred perspectives, your light sources, and brief your model and the professional caregiver involved to ensure everyone knows the plan, this way the documentation should run smoothly and be successful!

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