Adobe Sign: Build a Better Web Form

by Linda Kilmartin

posted on 09-22-2016

Need to add a form to your website? For business and enterprise users, the Create Widget feature in Adobe Sign makes it easy to embed reusable web forms that people can sign on any device. Great for inquiry forms or any kind of online application, Adobe Sign widgets now have a modern, mobile-friendly design* that adapts to screen size, and offer more counter-signing options.

Try these security and workflow options:

1. Add a counter signer: Include one or more counter signers, each with an individual authentication method.

2. Add a counter approver: Include one or more counter approvers for your web form.


3. Identity verification: Authenticate your widget using email, password, KBA, or even social identity verification.

4. Add another layer of security: Password-protect the signed PDF.

Learn how to create a widget by watching this tutorial.

*Available when new Send experience is enabled.

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