Adobe Partners with Symphony Commerce and Magento to Transform Commerce Experiences

by Errol Denger

posted on 09-27-2016

In today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, what really separates industry leaders from the competition are their engaging customer experiences. According to Harvard Business Review, companies that execute successful customer experience strategies have higher customer satisfaction rankings, increased revenues, and reduced customer churn.

Modern shoppers are now using multiple devices across multiple touchpoints when engaging with brands, and these interactions are now shorter in duration as consumers multitask while on the go. This behavior has fractured the customer journey into hundreds of micro-moments, and each micro-moment represents a choice, creating countless opportunities for brands to influence shopper decisions.

Great experiences engage and guide shoppers during these micro-moments by responding with optimal responses to real-time purchasing intents. Sometimes, this may be achieved with rich media, such as dynamic imagery and shoppable video, or engaging content. But, in many cases, the best experiences are so natural that shoppers never even notice they took place. They assist shoppers through their moments of truth, or key decision points, by saving time and making shopping easier. They actively solve problems such as finding the right product or helping with a decision. Simply put, they are effortless and, of course, support shoppers’ growing omnichannel habits.

New Omnichannel Commerce and Fulfillment Partnerships
To address these new realities, Adobe is pleased to announce partnerships with Magento and Symphony Commerce. Together, Adobe and our new partners are able to transform brand experiences, enabling brands to:

  1. Create and manage omnichannel experiences that enable shoppers to buy anywhere;
  2. Deploy real-time personalization and merchandising that tailor experiences to best respond to each moment of truth across the entire customer journey;
  3. Deliver omnichannel commerce that is supported by the seamless management of inventory across all channels, ensuring optimal supply allocation for efficient operations; and
  4. Embrace new agile approaches to support the widest range of commerce scenarios and business models.

These partnerships are supported by product integrations with Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Marketing Cloud. The result is a nimble, omnichannel experience and commerce platform capable of supporting today’s demanding shoppers.

“The brands that we work with are becoming increasingly obsessed with customer experience — they need to differentiate themselves with innovative concepts that redefine how their customers engage and transact with them” said Peter Sheldon, VP Strategy at Magento Commerce. “Bringing together the power of Magento’s leading commerce and omnichannel order management solutions with the Adobe Marketing Cloud gives these brands the end-to-end control they need to rapidly build and test differentiated experiences that integrate seamlessly across online, mobile, physical and social channels.”

In addition to experience innovation, companies must evolve their business models to support omnichannel realities. “This requires an agile commerce infrastructure that not only delivers rich omnichannel shopping, but also enables companies to execute the perfect order, regardless of channel,” said Harish Abbott, CEO and cofounder of Symphony Commerce. “The modern consumer expects products to be delivered fast and predictably. We’re excited to partner with Adobe to complete the value proposition with Adobe’s industry leading experience management, personalization and marketing technology. Together, Adobe and Symphony will deliver fully personalized, seamless purchasing experiences anywhere with fast and predictable shipping.”

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