Hidden Gems in Acrobat DC: Verifying Revision Changes

by Document Cloud Team

posted on 10-11-2016

****As the barriers to document collaboration fall, through access to numerous document storage connectors, it’s easier than ever to provide valuable feedback. But what exactly happens to all that feedback? How do you ensure that every comma, dangling modifier, and subject-matter expertise is correctly incorporated back into a document? Imagine a business contract revision that doesn’t include newly negotiated terms, or a product safety sheet missing critical data.

To improve document revision integrity, the October 2016 release of Acrobat Pro DC* includes a completely updated and renamed file comparison capability. The Compare Files tool (previously named Compare Documents) provides a comprehensive way to verify and track document revision changes. In one step, you can create a detailed report of every change (including text, fonts, images, and tables) between two PDF files.

  1. Choose Tools > Compares Files and select the files you want to compare. Select the gear icon to adjust the type of files you are comparing, or to limit the comparison to a range of pages.

  1. Results of the comparison are displayed in a new document with detailed information on the total number of changes. Select the blue button to display the first change.

  1. The files are displayed in Side-by-Side view for visual comparison. The old file is displayed on the left and the new file on the right. (Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+/ or Cmd+/ to toggle between the Old and New Files.)

  1. All changes are marked with highlights that display a pop-up when selected. Use the Next Change and Previous Change buttons in the toolbar to navigate through each change. Or, use the Next and Previous arrows in each pop-up to navigate the changes. (Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+. or Cmd+. to move to the next change or Ctrl+, or Cmd+, to move to the previous change.)

  1. Open the Right-Hand Pane to view a list of all the changes, and to search for specific changes.

With the completely revamped Compare Files tool, it’s easier than ever to audit and verify important revision changes.
*Continuous release.

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