Six Reasons Why You Should Consider Stock Video

by Dennis Radeke

posted on 10-14-2016

Stock footage appears in Hollywood features films, network television, commercials, and even in humble student films. Our appetite for content consumption is at an all-time high, so it’s no wonder that companies are looking to stock video agencies to fill in their footage gaps.

So if you’re a photographer curious about branching out into video, or a videographer who is on the fence about submitting to stock, we’re here to convince you to take the plunge!

1. Video explosion = earnings opportunity

The amount of video consumed per day by the world is 100 million hours. There are 8 billion video plays per day on Facebook alone. The world is fascinated by video and consumes a staggering amount. The YouTube phenomenon has spawned a whole new industry and as a result, there is more need for video content than ever before. It’s a booming marketplace for you to sell your work.

2. New life for old reels.

Diving into stock video for your first time may seem like a lot of work. But there’s a chance you’ve already done some of the work. Have a look in your archive for any videos that may have commercial potential. Maybe it’s footage of Fourth of July fireworks from a neighborhood cook out, or a slow motion video of a sloth you saw on vacation in Central America.

You’ve already put in the hours creating, so why not show them off? The only thing that you need to do prior to submitting it to Adobe Stock is to add some key words that help other creative people find your clips when they enter a search query.

3. No additional equipment needed.

Today’s cameras and capture devices are marvels of engineering. Higher ISO’s, shooting speeds, focus capabilities and new features make them powerful tools. For these cameras, high quality HD or even 4k capture capabilities are built in standard. The ability to switch to video is as simple as flipping a switch.

In addition, everything that you need to take a good photograph, whether in the camera itself or accessories such as lights, tripods, etc. are exactly the same toolset you need to make great video. Your cost to get started in video is most likely zero.

4. Opportunity to learn and experiment.

In stock videography, you have total flexibility and control in how and what you want to want to shoot. Adobe Stock video contributors Kevin and Pascal of Wundervisuals started out in wedding photography and dabbled in stock on the side. They ultimately found that they were under a lot of pressure to produce beautiful images under stressful conditions and less-than-perfect settings. “After a while we discovered the freedom the stock business offered us and now we are a 100% stock company for two years now,” they explained.

These days, the duo is taken with slow motion and drone footage, and have been exploring this fascination through their stock videos. They credit these technological advancements for keeping “[their] minds fresh and [their] stock footage in the spirit of the time.”

5. Expand your revenue streams.

On Adobe Stock, you’ll receive a 33% royalty for every image sold, but 35% for every video sold. And since videos have a higher price point than photos, you’ll be able to receive bigger rewards.

Plus, the great advantage of stock is that you have your video uploaded and available for sale, it has the potential to generate revenue for years.

6. It’s never been easier.

We recently announced a mail in service for contributors who have over 500 clips for submission, so if you’re sitting on a plush archive of videos, just send us an email and arrange to mail your harddrives to an Adobe office location near you.

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