Contributor Spotlight: Eugenio Marongiu

by Adobe Stock Team

posted on 10-21-2016

Adobe Stock Contributor Eugenio Marongiu is known for his intimate, contemporary portraits. His background in photojournalism gives him a unique perspective on creating images that are authentic and reflect real life. We spoke with Eugenio about his journey into the stock photography industry and his process behind crafting captivating images.

Adobe Stock: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the type of content you create?

Eugenio Marongiu: I have been shooting photography since 2008. In 2011, I graduated with a masters of Photography CFP Bauer Academy Milano, where I grew my technical knowledge and focused on historical /conceptual on photography. After my diploma I worked in photojournalism for two years with some Italian and international agencies and had my work was published in some major newspapers. At the same time I started to work on some personal projects and discovered Fotolia (a part of the Adobe family), where I started experimenting with images, which at the time were not so commercial.

I am, and always was, on a constant search. I will never limit myself to produce commercial images. I try to go beyond, I search for stories, stories of people’s lives. I like contemporary aesthetics. I don’t want to stagnate; I always try to develop my photography by following the technological and cultural developments.

AS: How do you try to make your content different/unique?

EM: I am constantly evolving by observing contemporary aesthetics and trends. Every day I analyze and read as much as I can, not only about photography but everything regarding images: ads, fashion, art, magazines, social, music, science and technology. I´m naturally a curious person and this feeds my research and development of new ideas and topics. I also feel my education, in one of the best photography school in Milano, has broadened my inquisitiveness and how I research my projects.

AS: How long have you contributed to stock services? What made you first decide to share your work in this way?

EM: I first started back in 2008. I attended a photography course in Sassari, my native city, and I immediately started to work with photography. I have always seen photography not only as a mean of expression, but also a way to earn. I eagerly searched online of ways to make a living though photography which is how I discovered stock agencies. At the time I didn’t understand how they worked and I wasn’t even a good photographer, but I tried anyway.

AS: Why did you decide to become an Adobe Stock contributor?

EM: Thanks to Adobe Stock I have the opportunity to sell my best images, my most authentic moments. I can express my creativity without restrictions, almost as a reporter, and to me this is extraordinary.

AS: What opportunities does Adobe Stock offer that aren’t available through other Stock photography services?

EM: Adobe Stock has given me freedom. Of course all content must be connected with the commercial trends, but I can produce photos with in a unique and authentic style. Beyond this, Adobe Stock offers one of the highest royalty rates to photographers in the market, showing great potential with sales. Moreover the support of the Adobe´s team and their efficiency is great.

AS: What approach do you take when creating an image or video that you will make available through Adobe Stock?

EM: When I produce content I try to go further, I try to find new solutions to have unique and recognizable photos. Most of the time I work with natural light. This allows me more freedom, always searing for a different perspectives, working with the light of the moment. I also have great time with the models; I have fun doing my job I know that it will be appreciated, and so I just let my creativity flow.

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