Adobe Acrobat Reader Leads Adoption of Global Enterprise Mobile Standards

by Jon Perera

posted on 10-25-2016

Organizations around the world are working to enable their personnel to work from any device, any time, and from any location, driving the “Bring your own device” (BYOD) approach at scale. The increase in mobile use through BYOD and other mobile deployments, however, presents a number of challenges and risks. It’s tough for corporate IT and engineering departments to manage countless devices and apps, particularly ensuring their security.

Leading the Way

Day in and day out, our team strives to solve challenges that our customers face, like the effective management of mobile apps in the enterprise. To help ensure that businesses can provide safe access to mobile devices and apps at work, Adobe Acrobat Reader Mobile, the most widely distributed PDF app in the world, has adopted enterprise mobility management (EMM) capabilities in accordance with the standards of The AppConfig Community. Working with the AppConfig Community, a global community of worldwide EMM solution providers and app developers, Adobe is helping to establish and drive native standards for app configuration and security. Acrobat Reader is the first and only PDF reader solution in the community, and our team has worked with recognized leaders in EMM like MobileIron and VMware AirWatch to validate these guidelines.

“The promise of mobile is business transformation, not just incremental efficiency. This transformation is driven by apps,” said Ojas Rege, Chief Strategy Officer, MobileIron. “We are pleased to work with Adobe as part of the AppConfig Community to promote native standards for the configuration and security of enterprise apps.”

“Adobe develops some of the most widely used enterprise apps, and new standards-based configurations available in Acrobat Reader is a testament to the value of the AppConfig Community and the importance of simplifying mobility for IT,” said Joseph Razavian, Head of VMware AirWatch Technology Partnerships. “VMware is thrilled to partner with Adobe on their mobile initiatives and enable AirWatch administrators to more simply manage and configure their Adobe apps.”

Standards for Better Enterprise Mobile Management

Documents hold much of a business’ core content and IP, and making sure those documents are secure within an employee’s device is crucial. The global standards now available in Acrobat Reader allow IT departments to control the flow of information. For instance, guidelines that Adobe is helping to establish may include how to restrict copy, paste, and print functions of documents; how to set shared parameters within managed applications; or how to control where documents are backed up.

In addition to our work with The AppConfig Community, last year we added configuration support for Acrobat Reader on Google’s mobility platform, Android for Work, and Microsoft Intune, part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Looking Ahead

We continue to take an active role in The AppConfig Community with the goal of making it easier for developers, engineers, and IT administrations to drive mobility within business.

To learn how to deploy and secure Adobe Acrobat Reader through EMM, we are co-presenting a webinar with MobileIron on November 10 at 10AM PDT. Join us in the discussion and register for the webinar here.


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