MAX and the Future of Creativity and Design

There’s nothing like the energy at Adobe MAX—with more than 10,000 creative minds coming together to discuss, share and connect around creativity and design, it really feels like we can do anything. And right now, there’s a lot to do!

If it seems like the world is becoming more design-aware and that we are becoming more discerning about product experiences, you’re right. In our recent State of Create study, most respondents told us they believe businesses that invest in creativity are more likely to foster innovation, be competitive and provide better customer experience. At the same time, the explosion of devices and demand for high-quality, personalized experiences places greater demands on designers – something we call content velocity. This, coupled with new technologies such as VR and 3D that are becoming major catalysts for creativity, put the creative community at the center of massive shifts in the communication landscape.

What’s New in the Creative Cloud

Today we announced the 2017 release of Creative Cloud. To make sure the Creative Cloud stays at the forefront of innovation and continues to meet the top challenges designers, photographers and filmmakers face today, we have focused on three guiding principles:

First, our cloud-first approach ensures your assets and edits are all in sync across devices, allowing you to create where and when you want, with the latest, full fidelity version of your content.

Second, we help you address the demands of increasing content velocity by providing a marketplace for design content that helps you work faster.

And third, it’s all built with a hyper focus on experience —so our members can do their best work faster and easier, and the tools simply get out of the way so the focus can be on creation.

This is the essence of this release. Much of this is available today, with more updates available over the coming months:

Community at the Core

As we look ahead, Adobe’s role extends beyond the tools we build. We have the privilege and responsibility to support up-and-coming talent. After all, community is the core of Creative Cloud. Whether it’s partnering to drive the direction and development of our apps, or sharing and discovering new work, our creative community helps make a better experience for everyone.

That’s the idea behind Behance, a global online community where eight million people can showcase creative work and be discovered. And we’ve recently launched the second year of our Adobe Creative Residency, a year-long program that gives select individuals the opportunity to learn and grow by focusing full time on a passion project without having to worry about competing priorities. All that we ask in return is that the residents share their experiences – both good and bad – with the community so that everybody benefits.

Community is also a centerpiece of innovation. Adobe’s role is to push boundaries through innovation that unlocks creativity. That’s because we know that creativity isn’t defined by a single process. Our customers don’t want to be limited by one tool, app or way to work and they want to explore new ways to capture ideas and make them a reality. We rely on feedback from the community to do this – a fundamental principle behind how we innovate. We are building tools such as Adobe XD in the open so that we get direct feedback along the way, which ultimately helps us deliver a better product experience for everyone.

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