Team Projects (Beta) – Collaborative video editing made simple

Collaborate and share sequences and compositions in real time with the new Team Projects (Beta) hosted service, available now for Creative Cloud for teams and enterprise customers. Editors and motion graphics artists can work simultaneously in shared sequences and compositions with features like version control and conflict resolution built right into the CC 2017 versions of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, and Adobe Prelude CC.

How does it work?
A Team Project is a multi-user, multi-application alternative to application-specific project files such as a prproj. or aep. file. Multiple users can work in a shared Team Project simultaneously, without fear of over-writing someone else’s work. When a user opens a Team Project, the service automatically makes a “clone” of the project for the user and opens it in a private session. The session becomes the user’s private “sandbox” view to work on.

When you finish editing, sharing your changes with collaborators on the project is easy. The Team Projects service examines your private view of the project, verifies that there are no conflicts with work others have shared, and pushes your changes to the service as a new version, which becomes immediately available to your collaborators. Versions are a permanent and easy way to maintain the history of a Team Project.

The data in Team Projects is securely hosted in the cloud. Media files referenced in a Team Project can be locally stored source files or lightweight shared proxies. All collaborators need access to the Team Project media. However, collaborators can store their media in different locations. A simple media management dialogue allows each collaborator to link to a different media location.

In the 2015.4 release, Premiere Pro added support for proxy workflows. Editors can create proxies and switch easily between high-res and low-res formats. Team Projects fully supports Premiere Pro proxy workflows. This means that some collaborators could work with original high-res media in a Team Project while another (perhaps remote) collaborator could work in the same Team Project using lighter weight proxies of the media.

Interaction with Creative Cloud Libraries and Assets
Creative Cloud Libraries allow you to create personal and shared libraries to keep track of brand identity assets, frequently-used icons for web layouts, video clips, or your go-to brushes and color themes for illustrations. Creative Cloud Libraries can be used in a Team Project just as they are in a Premiere Pro or After Effects project file.

Creative Cloud Assets provides a place for you to store, collaborate, and manage your Creative Cloud content. Media used in a Team Project can be stored in a Creative Cloud Assets folder and easily shared with other collaborators.

Are there any caveats with this (Beta) release?
We are very excited to get Team Projects (Beta) into the hands of our customers. This is our first public release, and your response to the initial features will help us make it even better. We will listen closely to user feedback to deliver even more in future releases.

The (Beta) release of Team Projects will not include support for Dynamic Link between Premiere Pro and After Effects. Dynamic Link allows you to transfer files between Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro without intermediate rendering. We intend to add support for this feature in a future release, streamlining your workflow even further.

How do I get started?
Team Projects is a free service that is available to Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise and Creative Cloud for teams customers with either All Apps or After Effects or Premiere Pro single app subscriptions.

Because Team Projects is designed for a multi-user environment, it is not supported for individual Creative Cloud memberships. Individual users will need to upgrade to a teams subscription to access this service. Customers must have named user accounts to use the service; you cannot access the service with serialized deployments.

You need to download the CC 2017 version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC or Prelude CC to start collaborating.

Creative Cloud for enterprise customers may need to talk to their Creative Cloud Administrator to turn on the Team Projects (Beta) service.

Not all Creative Cloud for teams users will have immediate access to the service at launch. A controlled roll-out of the service will start on November 2, 2016. Adobe will monitor performance and add more Creative Cloud for teams users as specific metrics are met and maintained. This helps us ensure that the customer experience in real-world production scenarios is excellent. If you are a teams user attempting to use the service but we have not yet given you access, an error message will notify you that the service is rolling out in stages and is not yet available to you.

UPDATE: The staged rollout is now complete. As of November 7, 2016 at 8:30am PT all customers with Adobe Creative Cloud for teams All Apps or Premiere Pro or After Effects single app subscriptions can access the Team Projects (Beta) service.

As mentioned earlier, Team Projects is not available for individual Creative Cloud memberships.

To use the Team Projects service you only need to learn a few new concepts and commands. Learn more.