Boosting Social Ad Strategy With the Marriage of Analytics and Programmatic

by Monica Lay

posted on 11-08-2016

Programmatic advertising is, perhaps, more important than ever before — not only enabling brands to target ads more effectively, but also removing the legwork involved in managing and buying the near-infinite number of ad opportunities online. However, it’s certainly not without its difficulties. For instance, programmatic advertising is frequently outsourced, and numerous organizations complain about a lack of transparency, which results in a lack of knowledge about how the process works.

Fortunately, a number of tools have been made available to organizations to help alleviate some of these challenges. By combining advertising-management technology with marketing analytics, marketers can leverage the strengths of both to improve their ad strategies. Sears Canada is a recent example of marketing technology and advertising technology successfully converging to optimize programmatic-advertising results.

Integrating Data and Ad Buying
Sears Canada wanted to expand its existing ad campaigns without increasing its budget. The company decided to explore optimization techniques, including the integration of web-analytics data, to make better decisions about where they should spend their advertising dollars. This led them to take advantage of the native bidirectional integration between Adobe Analytics and Adobe Media Optimizer and, ultimately, improve their Facebook® advertising metrics.

Sears Canada saw a 67 percent lift in revenue — even though they spent 12 percent less on advertising. In addition, there was a 17 percent increase in product views on their website and a 21 percent increase in customer time spent on the website from Facebook advertising. This is a great indicator of the improved audience quality being driven to their website from Facebook advertising. In terms of advertising goals, all of this resulted in an 84 percent increase in return on ad spend (ROAS).

Benefitting from Integration
By integrating Adobe Analytics and Adobe Media Optimizer, Sears Canada was able to better optimize future sales and revenue by analyzing site engagement data. Marketers are able to ingest any metric available in Adobe Analytics, but below are some commonly used metrics:

This additional marketing data allowed Sears Canada to make smarter ad-buying decisions on Facebook, make improvements regarding the acquisition of new customers, and persuade existing customers to return and make more purchases online.

Automating Optimization
Adobe Media Optimizer was especially helpful to Sears Canada because of its Portfolio Optimization feature. Like many advertisers, Sears Canada has several Facebook campaigns or ad sets running at any given time, promoting a wide range of products. Even though the ROAS varies by product, Media Optimizer gives them the flexibility to redistribute their ad budgets across different campaigns. With Portfolio Optimization, they were able to group multiple Facebook campaigns into one portfolio under a single budget and optimize for their ROAS goal each day. When you assign multiple ad sets that have the same objective to the same portfolio, Media Optimizer will determine which campaigns are receiving the best results and algorithmically assign more budget to that ad set.

By using the Portfolio Optimization feature and combining the power of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Media Optimizer, Sears Canada was able to deliver scale, cost effectively. Here were their results:

Increasing In-House Programmatic Advertising
Recently, a big trend in marketing has been for companies to bring their programmatic advertising in house due to lacking transparency. As we’ve already seen, Sears CA has had significant success turning to Adobe Media Optimizer for its programmatic needs. Additionally, Media Optimizer enhances creativity in ad campaigns because ad buying and bidding is automated — not only saving marketers time, and thus, allowing them to focus more of their energies on strategic opportunities, but also alleviating the heavy lifting so they can explore and produce better creative.

The Only Solution
Sears Canada’s director of online user experience and strategic initiatives, Nurullo Makhmudov, said, “By managing all our programmatic channels — display, search, and social — in Adobe Media Optimizer, we get incredible insights into attribution and path to conversion, and that allows us to more efficiently manage and optimize our budgets.”

Sears Canada was able to increase the audience-reach quality of its programmatic advertising by integrating analytics data with their programmatic solution. Download the Sears Canada customer success story and talk to your Adobe consultant about how to discover and target your high-value audiences for more efficient ad spend.

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