Creative Cloud in China: Unleashing Creativity in the World’s Largest Digital Economy

by Bryan Lamkin

posted on 11-09-2016

Creativity is accelerating on a global scale—every day, more and more people engage with content and design on a growing number of devices, and this means the creative community needs the best tools to meet these increasing demands. Today at our Create Now event in Shanghai, I have the honor of introducing Adobe’s Creative Cloud to China, the world’s largest digital economy. Here we have the potential to touch millions of people in the creative and design industries, and through their work, to reach more than 700 million people who use digital devices and apps across China.

Creative Cloud will empower designers to build great customer experiences on any screen, to work with the latest formats, and to publish across a variety of new channels. We’ve also built in unprecedented efficiency, so designers can keep pace with today’s content velocity.

Just as we’re seeing around the world, companies in Asia value creativity as one of their most precious assets. In our recent Creative Pulse 2016 research in the Asia-Pacific region, 85 percent of respondents in China told us that design thinking is becoming more important to business. They know that when they invest in design, they enrich their users’ experiences and develop greater customer loyalty.

With the increasing emphasis on design in business comes greater opportunities for creative teams. Adobe is committed to empowering artists and developers to create and innovate. Creative Cloud for teams, our localized offering, will give businesses, educational institutions and government organizations subscription-based access to 15 of the world’s leading creative applications, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Lightroom, Premier Pro and After Effects. Thousands of new features are available – plus, a continuous stream of innovation through regular, ongoing updates.

I’ve long admired the innovation, art and design produced by the community in China, and enjoy being part of the evolution in creativity here. Since we first entered this market 18 years ago, we have witnessed dramatic evolution in the communication platforms and the design market that serves them. Creative and design work now reaches millions of users every day, driving global business success. With the help of Creative Cloud, the creative community in China will continue to elevate design in business across the region—and we can’t wait to see where they’ll take us.

Topics: Leadership

Products: Photoshop, Creative Cloud