Partner Overview: Mirum

by Bridget Roman

posted on 11-30-2016

Company Overview

Mirum delivers world-class digital experiences built on the most advanced marketing technology, The Adobe Marketing cloud.

Mirum is a global digital agency of makers, believers, and make-believers. By leveraging their deep expertise in business transformation, experience development, and commerce activation, Mirum transcends business goals to craft data-driven brand experiences that consumers want and businesses need.

By utilizing The Adobe Marketing Cloud, Mirum builds integrated solutions across media optimization, analytics, web content management, marketing automation and personalized experiences. And they never sit still. Through ongoing measurement and refinement, Mirum delivers tangible results.

Areas of Expertise

AEM Mobile App Examples

Client: Celebrity Cruise Lines
Use Case: Sales Enablement/Brand Engagement
Description: Mirum created the Future Cruise Sales App for Celebrity Cruises that lets the onboard sales team conduct interactive vacation planning sessions wherever and whenever a guest desires on the ship. The app experience includes rich and immersive destination information, detailed port itineraries, maps, 360-degree stateroom videos, interactive deck plans, and more.

Learn more about the Future Cruise Sales App here

Mirum’s Approach to Mobile Strategy and App Execution

Mirum doesn’t just help enterprises with their mobile strategy, they embrace mobile in everything that they do. Mirum is using AEM Mobile to create a global, enterprise sales enablement solution that allows their own sales force to create dynamic, interactive mobile presentations on the fly using approved assets and templates and then present those rich presentations to their clients through the app itself. The app is integrated with AEM, Adobe Analytics, and Salesforce which delivers a comprehensive closed-loop sales enablement solution.

How to Contact Mirum

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