Sony Interactive Entertainment Keeps Gamers Engaged.

by Emily Chu

posted on 12-07-2016

One challenge for video game companies like Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is keeping up with customers’ ever-changing adoptions of devices. They use desktop computers, mobile devices, and their gaming consoles to access news about the latest releases, to communicate with fellow gamers, and of course, to play the games they love.

Third-party content development and website management wasn’t fast enough anymore, so SIE implemented Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), part of Adobe Marketing Cloud. SIE teams can now build new sections of the website homepage — eight times faster than they could before. Additionally, AEM’s integration with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target provides deeper customer knowledge while it helps the team post special promotions, renew sections, and add features 500 percent faster.

Customers are more engaged than ever before. After redesigning its website, blog participation has increased by 37 percent; the number of sign-ins from members has improved dramatically; and the number of site visitors clicking through from the homepage to the PlayStation Store has risen by 15 percent. Furthermore, SIE realized a 9 percent increase in its Net Promoter Score, which measures customer loyalty.

For an in-depth look at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s success story, download our whitepaper: Playing with digital content. Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia delivers more content, faster with Adobe Marketing Cloud.

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