Attracting Tourists with Authentic Experiences

by Emily Chu

posted on 12-08-2016

People love to share their vacation pictures and videos on social media, and the travel industry couldn’t be happier. With 1,500 pieces of #SeeAustralia content published daily on social networks, Tourism Australia saw an opportunity to tap into this great resource to help fuel its marketing efforts on

To automate their methods for finding, moderating, storing, and organizing user-generated content (UGC), Tourism Australia adopted Adobe Marketing Cloud, including Adobe Experience Manager Livefyre. Using Adobe Experience Manager Livefyre, the tourism board’s small team could easily feature a live feed of UGC on, showing visitors what it’s like to visit the Land Down Under from other travelers’ perspectives.

“Livefyre, part of Adobe Experience Manager, helps us bring in the best of our social features into our owned channels,” says John Mackenney, general manager, digital transformation at Tourism Australia. “Livefyre created greater efficiencies in organizing content, storing our assets, and rights management — it’s definitely helped take us to the next level.”

Tourism Australia launched a new Aquatic & Coastal campaign on, using UGC they collected and managed with Adobe Experience Manager Livefyre, resulting in a 30 percent increase in site engagement, a 66 percent increase in time spent on site, and 77 percent more leads for the tourism board to pursue.

Download our whitepaper, Tourism Australia, through Travelers’ Eyes, for a more in-depth look at Tourism Australia’s story.

Topics: Content Management, Travel & Hospitality