Helping Travelers Find Their Personal Dream Vacations

by Lisa Hanna

posted on 12-14-2016

Wanderlust has never been easier to satisfy thanks to the proliferation of always-open travel websites and smartphone apps. However, the sheer number of options available challenges travelers to find deals tailored to their needs and preferences. Travelocity helps them locate the right trip at the right price with Adobe Campaign in Adobe Marketing Cloud.

“We want to be travelers’ champions and help them find the deals and information to make their trip work within their budget,” says Keith Nowak, Director of Communications at Travelocity. “But with millions of hotel deals and tens of thousands of unique flight offers every day, getting the right information to the right audience is no easy task.”

Instead of sending generic email blasts, the small Travelocity team generates 50 personalized email campaigns a week, sending 3 billion emails annually. Campaign tools automate tasks such as audience segmentation, message customization, and dynamic landing-page creation. Activities that once took weeks to complete are now finished in a few hours.

Travelocity even lets customers request custom deals based on price, travel dates, destination, and activity. Adobe Campaign compares each customer’s “My Deals” preferences with millions of hotel, airline, and car-rental deals in the Travelocity database to create a completely customized email alert. The “My Deals” campaign has yielded open rates that are 40 percentage points higher and click-through rates that are 15 percentage points higher than those of typical email campaigns. By improving the quality of email campaigns, Travelocity encourages customers to stay connected and use it to book their next vacation.

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