Partner Overview: Deloitte Digital

by Adobe Experience Manager Mobile Team

posted on 01-10-2017

Company Overview

Deloitte Digital has created a new model for a new age: the creative digital consultancy. That means combining leading digital and creative capabilities with deep industry knowledge and versatile technology experience to help transform our clients’ businesses. With Deloitte Digital’s end-to-end offerings, we can help clients imagine bigger and bring their ambitions to life. Let us show you how.

Areas of Expertise

AEM Mobile App Examples

Client: Global Beverage Company
Use Case: Dispenser Next Generation UI
Description: The goal for the next generation of our client’s innovative dispensers is to make the consumer experience more fun and engaging. Our client was limited in making changes to the dispenser UI primarily due to tighter coupling of the UI layer with the core dispenser software. Deloitte teamed with the client to leverage AEM as the CMS for dispenser content and recipes; and has began work to extend the solution with Adobe capabilities such as Screens , Cordova and AEM Mobile to deliver dynamic and engaging UI to drive dispenser traffic.

Client: Large Automotive Company
Use Case: Digital Transformation Business Case Development
Description: Create and Present, using AEM Mobile, a mobile application designed to showcase a business case developed for the client’s eventual adoption and implementation of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. The client leveraged the platform’s analytics capabilities to monitor engagement and interaction with the rich application to refine and deliver a message that resonated with executive stakeholders.

Deloitte Digital’s Approach to Mobile Strategy and App Execution

Deloitte applies a user-centric design methodology to mobile strategy and app execution. This focuses on understanding what data and functionality the user needs at that moment in time and building an app that can put it into the palm of their hand in a form that’s easy to operate and understand.

How to Contact Deloitte Digital

Steven Berkovich
Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP