Zebra Changes Its Stripes to Deliver Better Customer Experiences for Global Customers.

by Margot Nack

posted on 01-12-2017

Barcode and supply-chain solution pioneer, Zebra Technologies Corp., knows how important it is to have quick, easy access to information. When the company realized that it needed to centralize its websites and assets to better leverage resources and support regional teams, it turned to customer experience agency, ICF Olson, for help. ICF Olson, recommended the Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics solutions in Adobe Marketing Cloud to create a central resource for all global content and enable teams to continually analyze visitor behavior and make improvements.

With Experience Manager Assets, Zebra stores more than 130,000 digital assets in one location, making them easier to share, reuse, and track versions, which is particularly important for downloadable assets such as spec sheets, user guides, firmware, and device drivers.

After Zebra bought Motorola Solutions’ enterprise business — which makes rugged mobile computers, tablets, and barcode scanners — Zebra needed to streamline branding and content management to transform two companies into one. Again, the company turned to Experience Manager to help integrate and scale the site for much less than the cost of building a new website.

“Building on our strong digital foundation in Adobe Marketing Cloud, we’re combining two businesses into a single brand to meet more customer needs worldwide,” says John Mathews, senior manager of Digital IT for Zebra. “ICF is the perfect partner with an understanding of our business to help us offer our customers even stronger solutions.”

By analyzing website traffic and downloads with Adobe Analytics, Zebra can identify the most useful content as well as areas for potential business growth — customers researching products not yet available in a certain region, for instance. Organic keyword rankings have gone up 300 percent year over year on average, while global website traffic is up about 13 percent year over year.

To learn more about Zebra’s story, download the white paper: Smart and Connected Businesses. Zebra reaches customers worldwide with a scalable business powered by Adobe Marketing Cloud.

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Products: Experience Manager