Premiere Pro 11.0.2 update

by Meagan Keane

posted on 01-18-2017

Today we’re releasing the second stability update for Premiere Pro CC 2017 since our November launch. The 11.0.2 update contains important bug fixes and is recommended for all users.

You can install the update through the Creative Cloud desktop application, or you can check for new updates from within any Creative Cloud application by choosing Help > Updates. Please note that it can take 24 hours or more for all of our global data centers to receive the update. If the update isn’t available for you right now, please check back later.

For details of what was added, changed, and fixed in the 2017 release (version 11.0) of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Media Encoder CC, see this page. For details of all of the other updates for Creative Cloud professional video and audio applications, see this page.

The 11.0.2 bug-fix update for Premiere Pro addresses these bugs:

Titler and Captions

• Title Tool crashes when copy and pasting

• Captions not editable after switching workspaces

• Mouse Disappearing When Editing Captions

File Format Support

• Some QuickTime files fail to import

• Phantom Cine files captured on cameras with new firmware import with a pink cast

• Import of Canon RAW UHD clip results in severely distorted picture

• Content of AVC-I export does not meet P2 AVC-Intra spec Proxy

• Paste clip from After Effects, with Proxy unchecked, results in no Proxy attached in Premiere.

• Quit AME during Creating Proxy Jobs progress will result in crash.

Export and Render

• Crash sometimes when exporting to AAF

• Smart rendering QT AVCI to MXF AVCI

• Rendering Proxies to your CC files directory will cause syncing errors regarding temp files.

• Exported HDR10 clips will have a small color shift towards cyan

• Crash & “Error Compiling Movie”: H.264 direct export with “maximum render quality” fails on MacBook Pro with NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M

Keyboard Shortcuts

• Unable to change the keyboard type in Keyboard Shortcuts Panel on Japanese version Windows PC.

• Custom Keyboard cache auto populates keyboard shortcuts

• Deleting one of more than one keyboard shortcuts assigned to the same command deletes assigned shortcuts

Media Browser

• Drag clip from Media Browser to Project panel, then adjust In/Out in Media Browser can affect clip in Project.

• Drag multiple instances of clip, from Media Browser Thumbnail View to Project panel, results in only one instance of clip.

• Media Browser does not show icons for browsed project items for Windows General Editing and UI

• Edit in Audition is greyed out

• Overlays disappearing when dragging effects over monitors

• When Drag the clip on the timeline, Overlays disappear from Program monitor

• Redraw issues when scrolling

• UI mislabel: Lumetri Panel HSL

• Cannot delete multiple instances of the same clip, or deleting one instance of a clip deletes all instance of it.

• When opening an older project then closing the new one created from the old one, the lock file will remain.

• Attempting to import a BinLocked project into another project will fail with a generic importer error

Topics: Video & Audio

Products: Premiere Pro, Creative Cloud