Seeking the Cure for the Common Website

by Emily Chu

posted on 01-19-2017

The healthcare landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years, prompting hospitals and providers to rethink strategies for communicating with consumers. With more people relying on the Internet for information on everything from specific medical conditions to doctors and hospitals in their area, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health transformed their digital presence, including how they reach consumers through the web, apps, and social communities.

Turn to Adobe Marketing Cloud Suite for a Simpler, More Complete Transition.
After choosing Adobe Marketing Cloud (AMC) as its digital marketing platform, the organization’s first step was to consolidate its six custom-made content management systems and centralize digital asset management onto a single platform — Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Using the Adobe Activation capability, Jefferson migrated 16,000 pages of content and 6,000 assets into AEM in only six months, maximizing its AMC investment by completing the task one year ahead of schedule.

Today, 300 people at the university use Adobe Experience Manager Sites to create content for students and patients using branded templates. Adobe Analytics helps the team study the behaviors of its 2.75 million annual visitors to better understand how to meet site visitors’ needs. Soon, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health will begin personalizing experiences for visitors using recommendations with help from Adobe Target.

Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health are also expanding their community-engagement strategy with social media and mobile apps using Adobe Social and the Mobile capability in AEM. The mobile team creates apps that connect patients — from any device — with information about doctors, services, and facilities. Furthermore, content created for the web can also appear in the app, saving time and effort while maintaining consistency.

For a more in-depth look at this customer story, go here: Health care in the digital age–Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health engage the community with powerful content and experiences using Adobe Marketing Cloud.

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