Open for Enrollment: Adobe Digital Marketing Accreditation Program for Public Sector Marketers

by Lisa Lindgren

posted on 01-30-2017

Digital is evolving faster than anyone can track. In the public sector across Canada and the U.S., the boom of technological advancements is happening now.

Nearly 76 percent of marketers believe marketing has changed more in the past two years, than in the last 50. Yet only 48 percent of digital marketers feel proficient in digital marketing, and only 40 percent think their organization’s marketing is “effective.”

As marketers in government, it is our duty to stay aware of the rapidly changing digital landscape and continually innovate for our citizens. To do so, our teams must remain curious, humble and eager to understand our user’s continually changing demands and expectations, providing presence and service on all major channels and devices.

Only decades ago, arguably the most effective way of staying ahead of the learning curve was through word of mouth: attending events and connecting with peers. But marketing has fundamentally changed. New technology, along with tracking, content and design optimization best practices, are being discovered daily and merited as proven methodologies.

That’s why Adobe created Adobe Digital Marketing Accreditation, a series of online courses created by leading digital experts around the world. It is specially designed for busy, on-the-go marketers, seeking knowledge to elevate their offerings through marketing from the comfort of their own office. It solves the fear of ‘not knowing what you don’t know’, without robbing many hours from the demands of a day-to-day job.

Learning is on-demand, self-paced through videos and interactive lectures, study guides, references and there are live webinars with digital marketing experts for those interested in advancing even faster.

The curriculum is constantly refreshed, and delivered through Adobe’s leading learner-focused hosted environment.

Course topics include:

Trending digital marketing topics such as ‘New Customer Decision Journey’ and ‘Responsive Mobile Apps and Websites’ are also covered.

Aside from the topics learned, organizations can expect to build foundational digital marketing skills and learn how to execute a successful digital transformation. They can use course knowledge to apply proven best practices to further innovate and foster a culture of creative empowerment across internal teams.

After successfully completing the program, members receive a digital accreditation badge to demonstrate their expertise in the field. The program was developed in partnership with General Assembly, a recognized industry leader in immersive virtual and digital learning programs.


The cost is $750 per user for a 12-month subscription to the complete learning platform. A manager can register a team together, and receive reports to monitor the learning progress of each member.

Learn more and see if the program is right for you. Find us at or contact an Adobe employee for assistance at

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