New Framework for Adobe Story CC

by Michael Lewis

posted on 02-01-2017

It may seem like things have been quiet at Adobe on the Adobe Story CC front, but really the Story team has been quite busy quietly rewriting Story as a HTML 5 based application.

In following with Adobe’s commitment to new web standards, the Story team has replaced the previous Flex architecture with proven modern web technologies to give Story new life.

With this new technology architecture, Story has also gone through a redesign to improve how intuitive it is to find features and understand workflows.

The new architecture also means that Adobe Story CC will have better compatibility with mobile device browsers. We will continue to optimize for mobile devices as we move forward with Story.

Along with the benefits of moving to new technologies, there is some loss of features for the moment. Most notably, there is not an offline solution available for the new version of Story. The Story team is continuing to evaluate the best solution for offline editing based on the best fit with underlying technologies and the best user experience.

Adobe Story CC as a service will continue to be focused on:

Regarding Adobe Story (free version)

With the launch of Adobe Story as a HTML5 based web application, the Adobe Story (free version) will be discontinued as an offering for Story. Current users will have access to the service until June 2017 through A free 7 day trial is available to try out the new version. Upgrading to a paid subscription will give continued access to the new version with all data intact, and a free trial period is available. If users choose not to upgrade, documents can be exported to desktop for transfer to other services or applications until June 2017.

How to migrate your Adobe Story (free version) content:

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