Exhibitors Sign on the Digital Line

by Document Cloud Team

posted on 03-01-2017

With over 80 events in 25 countries each year, dmg events Global Energy knows how important exhibitors are to the success of an event. The company’s sales representatives process an average of 150 contracts each month, which until recently took up a large portion of their time. Today, through contract automation and electronic signature collection, the subsidiary of UK media giant Daily Mail and General Trust plc can draft new contracts in seconds and receive immediate responses from customers.

dmg events leverages easy integration among its Adobe Sign, Salesforce CRM, and Conga Composer systems. Together, they replace a workflow that required dmg events sales representatives to fill out forms manually, scan and email them to exhibitors, and often wait days for a reply.

“Adobe Sign makes signing and returning contracts much more convenient for our customers,” says Lee Taylor, Head of Commercial Systems, dmg events Global Energy. “Drafting and sending a contract via Adobe Sign takes only a matter of seconds in Salesforce. Sales representatives can even send a contract while on the phone with a customer and answer questions right away.”

Removing manual steps from contracting enables dmg events representatives to spend more time working directly with current and potential exhibitors to focus on event quality. Automation also simplifies the rebooking process by getting rid of the need for representatives to distribute and collect contracts on the show floor.

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