UXperts Weigh In: Designs We Love, March Edition

by Patrick Faller

posted on 03-06-2017

The beauty of web and app design in the 21st century is it’s easy to share our creations and discoveries with the world! Development teams are making incredible things every day, so we set out to find ‘UXperts’ in all corners of the globe and asked them to share the web and app designs they’re loving right now. Here they are for our March edition.

Joshua Oluwagbemiga, Lead Designer at Amplify Agency (Lagos, Nigeria)

Pick: Yahoo News Digest

Yahoo News Digest is mobile app that helps users get up to speed with important news around the world with updates that come twice a day. The part that impresses me the most is how the news content is summarized and how content from many sources, even related tweets on the issue, are organized in one place. The reader is quickly informed on what is going on around the internet.

The app uniquely merges a solid user experience with a modern interface where users can quickly switch between digests and also keep track if a digest is read or not. It’s a lightweight and convenient app that saves time and provides knowledge is a clean environment.

Isabelle Hamlin, Senior Experience Designer at Adobe (Stuttgart, Germany)


Detour is an app for self-guided immersive walking tours. They are focusing on great speakers, telling compelling stories about the neighborhood that get you excited about the historical background. It’s like listening to a great audiobook while you are on the road, putting you in someone else’s shoes.

Detour is location-aware and can guide you without you needing to check your phone for directions. It means less screen time to get in the way of the Audio experience.

I also like the clean, modern, and intuitive UI of the app. It’s easy to use, offers thoughtful information, and covers basic walking tour details.

Detour is filling a gap between paper travel guides and historical audio books. There are only 10 tours worldwide available now for purchase, but I am pretty confident that there will be more of them in near future.

Alex G. Knight, UX Designer at AGK Designs (Tokyo, Japan)

Pick:Square Cash

I am really digging Square Cash’s experience at the moment. It’s always super focused on what the user is doing. Bright, bold and obvious actions are front and center helping to lead users wherever they want to go.

The login/signup flow is really fantastic as well. I am seeing more and more apps move away from passwords and offering other options instead; Square Cash uses a six digit code sent to the email or phone number provided. This removes the need to remember multiple different passwords and accounts. It also lowers the barrier of entry to the app and allows the user to get straight in before having to invest too much time. This is awesome to build trust with the users first and only requires more input when the user is ready to open up more features.

The experience also extends consistently across the web and even allows users to be paid from people that have haven’t signed up for the service. They only have to enter a payment source for a one-time transaction, giving potential new users a taste of how convenient the service is before needing to invest.

Jessie Li, UI/UX Designer at PricewaterhouseCoopersSDC (Shanghai, China)


For me, a great design helps users to meet their needs, solve their problems, and makes them feel good. Code School is a great example of motivating users to learn coding and hit their goals.

What websites are you loving right now? Let us know in the comments!

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