Solving Tomorrow’s Challenges

by Emily Chu

posted on 03-10-2017

As one of the world’s largest technology and manufacturing companies, Philips is known for its ordinary products such as light bulbs as well as extraordinary products such as complex medical imaging machines. With a huge digital presence and mobile traffic increasing from 15% to nearly 50% in the last three years, the company wanted its digital experiences to reflect the brand’s standards for quality and technical excellence. But that’s easier said than done for a company that maintains 1 million pages of content in 38 languages.

Using Adobe Experience Manager, Analytics, and Target in Adobe Marketing Cloud, Philips now delivers personalized content that helps drive revenue across its global sites. The company picked Marketing Cloud for the seamlessness of its experience delivery, measurement, and customization.

“Integration among Adobe solutions provides authors, marketers, and brand teams all of the capabilities to get enhanced content and experiences to market quickly,” says Joost van Dun, .Com Manager, Corporate Experience at Philips.

Global teams benefit from up to a 75% reduction in translation times and up to 90% lower translation management costs thanks to Adobe Experience Manager. Marketers at Philips have seen such positive results using data from Adobe Analytics and Target to make site enhancements, every new page or experience on Philips properties is now validated by testing and analytics before being pushed live.

Learn more about how Philips uses Adobe solutions to simplify, standardize, and formalize digital marketing here.

Topics: Personalization