Behind the Image: Capturing the Sophistication of the Parisian Woman with Eve Saint-Ramon

by Eunsan Huh

posted on 03-20-2017

Eve Saint-Ramon is a French photographer who specializes in feminine and powerful portraiture of women. The Paris-based photographer and Adobe Stock Premium Contributor was the feature of our March Visual Trend video The Female Creator.

Although she never received formal training in photography, Eve picked up the tricks of the trade through various photography-related jobs, from galleries, museums, press agencies and production houses. Fifteen years ago, she started her pin-up project, fascinated by the idea of a woman who appears naïve, but is in fact in total control of her surroundings and presentation.

This combination of lightheartedness and strong femininity has been a theme throughout her career. In Eve’s words, her photographs are “the ultimate representation of a femininity as strength and substance.”

Paris serves as a grand source of inspiration for Eve: “I like to discover my city as if I am a tourist or a naive child, always surprised and amazed by Paris, one of the most beautiful urban settings in the world.” We asked Eve to take us back to the set of her café-side photo shoot where she captured the sophistication of the Parisian woman.

“I like to photograph real people – performers, artists, musicians and dancers – and capture what makes them unique,” shares Eve. The subject of this series is Louise de Ville, a performer, sex educator, feminist, activist, actress, and friend of Eve. Eve’s goal was to capture Louise’s elegance, confidence, and independence through the camera.

To do so, Eve visualized the story behind her friend and model: “She walks in her town, takes public transport to go to work, and then assumes the pleasure of spending a moment alone in a cafe. I love defending a French woman and her cool self-control. She takes responsibility for herself and her desires all while having fun.” Though the scene takes place in a quaint café in the heart of Paris, this moment and this attitude, is one that resonates with women around the world.

By connecting cinematic and photographic references to the individual personality and background of each subject, Eve creates a contemporary scene in which the feminine character comes to life. In Eve’s words, her photographs are “the ultimate representation of a femininity as strength and substance.”

See more of Eve’s work on Adobe Stock.

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