Designing for Email: Empowering Designers to Deliver for Brands

by Kristin Naragon

posted on 03-20-2017

Many of the world’s leading organizations rely on agencies or freelance creative teams to help inspire bold ideas that set them apart from the pack. Outside perspectives and fresh ideas are always beneficial for any marketing campaign. Yet, we all know the creative process and workflow can be laborious — and even more so when it involves external parties.

Email marketing continues to be the channel that delivers, and beautiful, compelling emails are paramount to a brand’s success, which is why it’s so important that we help designers easily execute on their email designs. To address this, Adobe is integrating two solutions to enable designers and, ultimately, brands to create exquisite, engaging, and best-in-class emails. Together, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Campaign promise a seamless process and relationship between creatives and brands.

Integrating Adobe Dreamweaver With Adobe Campaign Benefits Agencies.
Creative agencies and marketers alike are wasting precious time with the many steps required to bring an email from conception to execution. The time-consuming process of moving back and forth from design software to an email-marketing solution demands transformation. We recently announced the beta program for integrating Adobe Dreamweaver with Adobe Campaign, enabling email designers to not only create emails in Adobe Dreamweaver that automatically sync with Adobe Campaign, but also send personalized, contextual emails more quickly. This integration is in beta for Adobe Campaign Standard customers and will be showcased onstage at Adobe Summit 2017.

The integration of Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Campaign benefits agencies by empowering them to:

1. Accelerate Delivery to Clients: Designers can design and create emails in Adobe Dreamweaver that automatically sync every edit with Adobe Campaign. The result is stunning emails that look great on every screen and are created much faster and more efficiently than ever before.

2. Alleviate the Back-and-Forth With Clients: Gone are the days of managing multiple HTML files or manually transferring and uploading images saved locally. When designers make edits from clients in Adobe Dreamweaver, they are automatically synced with Adobe Campaign.

3. Personalize With Ease: Data is vital when it comes to designing personalized content. Access to an Adobe Campaign toolbar in Adobe Dreamweaver enables designers to pull personalization fields directly from Adobe Campaign.

Integrating With the Creative Software-Development Kit (SDK) Offers Further Benefits.
We recognize that not all businesses utilize agencies. In many small- and medium-sized businesses, creative designers also handle the email-marketing functions. This audience tends to have more organizational flexibility when it comes to email design and lacks the approval process that agencies must undergo with brands. Last-minute design and image modifications are needed before they hit ‘send’ on emails.

To address this, we’re announcing plans today to integrate the Creative Cloud’s Creative SDK. Email marketers will now be able to leverage the Creative SDK’s ability to edit and manipulate images within an email, making it easier and faster for designers to create and send emails.

In Sum
Standout email-marketing campaigns are core to delivering memorable and meaningful experiences to customers. By combining the power of Adobe Creative Cloud with that of Adobe Campaign, we’re bringing creative magic to email marketing today — with even more in store for the future.

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