Introducing Real-time Campaign Analysis at your Fingertips

by Stephanie Maziol

posted on 03-20-2017

Though the potential of cross-channel marketing is significant, so are the obstacles to delivering the cross-channel experiences it promises — even for the most sophisticated digital marketers. The challenges faced by businesses are often present from their inceptions, starting with how most companies are organized. Because internal teams aren’t connected to each other, experiences are often designed, executed, and measured in isolation. In fact, the biggest challenges that marketers encounter with cross-channel marketing are typically related to data. Each time an individual interacts with a brand, marketers are offered a new data point. Sometimes, there’s not enough information available to glean helpful new insights; other times, inaccurate data leads to campaign misfires; and oftentimes, even when all the right data is there, it’s still not synthesized into insights quickly enough, leaving marketers unable to act on customer needs.

Without a complete and integrated analysis of your campaign’s effectiveness, it’s nearly impossible to adjust your interactions accordingly — even automatically.

Adobe Campaign’s Dynamic Reporting Tool Delivers Real-Time Marketing Data.
Today, at Adobe Summit, we’re announcing a new capability that blends our legacies in both cross-channel and data-driven marketing.

Gone are the days of canned reports that fail to drive action within an organization. Analysis Workspace combines Adobe’s creative heritage with data analysis, offering intuitive tools to support data-driven marketing and enabling companies to analyze, share, and utilize data within an organization. We’re now extending this capability from Adobe Analytics to Adobe Campaign Standard. The new Dynamic Reporting tool provides a flexible “canvas” approach so data points are easily curated and presented in ways that will resonate with the intended audience, and performance is prioritized through analysis at the speed of thought, dramatically improving Adobe Campaign’s reporting capabilities.

What Makes Dynamic Reporting Unique?
Dynamic Reporting provides unique, state-of-the-art visualization to place real-time marketing data at your fingertips. It starts with out-of-the-box business reports that deliver real-time insights into campaign execution and results — but, it doesn’t stop there. Dynamic Reporting also offers an opportunity to interactively customize out-of-the-box reports using predefined metrics, dimensions, and time variables. Drag-and-drop and slice-and-dice as much as you’d like and filter reports by program, campaign, delivery, organization, or geographical segment. In addition, you can create your own dashboards to analyze campaign data and optimize your strategy or export data in your own business-intelligence tool for broader analysis.

With Adobe Campaign’s Dynamic Reporting, you don’t have to be a data analyst to quickly and easily identify and act on insights. You can surface campaign results in real time to quickly determine not only which channels and promotions are driving the desired results, but also where course corrections might be needed. Essentially, you turn plain data into deep and meaningful insights, providing you with more power and flexibility to drive your business forward.

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