Adobe and Sling TV Bring Real-Time Advertising to Live Streaming TV

by Keith Eadie

posted on 03-23-2017

Adobe and Sling TV have opened the streaming-TV service’s premium live-video ad impressions to all Adobe Advertising Cloud’s US clients. Sling TV’s programmatic debut on partner platforms, including Adobe, marks an industry first. Never before have advertisers had access to a distributor’s live linear TV impressions — bid on and delivered in real time.

And Adobe advertisers are jumping in. Days before opening tipoff, brands broke into the NCAA tournament — a marquee advertising event that’s famous for selling out months in advance. Within the Adobe Advertising Cloud, clients gained quick access to basketball fans during live tournament games and surrounding sports coverage on Sling TV.

The Game-Changing Partnership
Adobe and Sling TV’s partnership enables marketers to bid in a private marketplace environment via the same platform they already use to manage their cross-channel advertising initiatives.

“Through real-time bidding and delivery, an Adobe client could seize an opportunity to air a live linear ad during must-see events as early as primetime tonight,” explains Adam Lowy, general manager for Advanced TV, Digital and Analytics with DISH Media Sales, which operates direct and programmatic sales for Sling TV. “This type of availability is a total mind-shift in how TV can become part of a dynamic digital ad buy.”

Sling TV ads reach consumers — wherever and whenever they’re watching — with the full-screen viewability of traditional TV and the advanced targeting, reporting, and controls of the digital world.

Ads can be geo-targeted in real time, targeted by platform, or even targeted by specific device so that advertisers can drill down to smartphone viewers during their daily commutes or only to those who are watching from their living rooms on Rokus. Adobe Advertising Cloud clients can also target specific Sling TV audiences by demographic, daypart, network, genre, and more.

Earlier this week at Summit, Adobe unveiled the Adobe Experience Cloud to an audience of more than 12,000 digital marketers from all across the globe. Learn more about this year’s Adobe Summit.

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