Announcing Adobe Experience Excellence Award (EXPE Awards) Winners

by Haresh Kumar

posted on 04-05-2017

At Adobe, our core values are to be genuine, exceptional, innovative, and involved — and embracing these core values in our daily lives includes highlighting, recognizing, and honoring our customers and partners who are using Adobe tools to bring imagination to amazing customer experiences.

The EXPE Awards recognize and celebrate customers and partners who are using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to transform their digital experience, solve problems, create new and unique experiences, and to innovate and engage with their customers at entirely new levels to create true business value. We started this program to build a community that recognizes and celebrates the success of many of our customers’ and partners’ incredible work around innovation and their dedication to customer success using Adobe technologies. The four categories in our 2017 North America EXPE Awards were:

Adobe’s 2017 North America EXPE Awards and Winners
For its inaugural year, we were blown away by the amazing submissions. It was humbling to see all the creative ways Adobe and AEM technologies are being used to deliver on the vision of the experience business. The winners were announced at the AEM Community day at Adobe Summit 2017 in Las Vegas.

For Excellence in Digital Transformation: Transforming Digital Experience — Wyndham Hotels With Accenture
In this category, we honor exceptional achievement in building a strong digital foundation to transform customer experiences. The winner was Wyndham Hotels (@Wyndham) in partnership with Accenture (@Accenture).

Wyndham Hotels partnered with Accenture to transform their digital experience by launching 11 brand websites to a responsive design that was both modern and transformed the guests’ experiences. They consolidated four digital asset management systems (DAMs) into AEM DAM. Then, they integrated Adobe Target and created content for 6,600 properties, resulting in a 40 percent conversion increase on responsive web and a 200 percent conversion increase on their app. Their mobile bookings grew from 8 percent to 25 percent of all bookings.

For Excellence in Content Marketing and Velocity — Coca-Cola With MRM/McCann
In this category, we honor exceptional achievement in delivering real-time dynamic experiences and capitalizing on user-generated content to create unique customer engagements. The winner is Coca-Cola (@CocaCola) in partnership with MRM/McCann (@MRM_McCann). Coca-Cola brought stories and news to life, humanizing the company and finding new ways to engage readers and inspire conversation on topics and passion points of mutual interest. Its company-centric global publishing network includes over 40 international editions of Journey serving 49 countries, a blog, and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts. Between 10 and 15 stories are published each week to Journey and the Unbottled blog. Since its inception, more than 4,300 articles; 27,000 videos; and 1,100 blog posts have been published that focused on universally appealing topics, social causes, and company news. Their Global Journey Editorial Network includes 150+ editors, leads, and publishers. From the time of its launch, Journey has had more than 131 million page views, averaging 1.4 million visits per month.

“Through this synthesis of a people-centric focus and stories that make a difference for the business, we work every day to produce stories that not only expand our reader base, but also challenge, delight and inform it. As social media spreads stories, both real and false, on brands every day, Journey represents our collective best foot forward to jump into the conversation — not to own, dominate or embellish — but to simply take part in the global digital dialogue with a voice that is uniquely Coca-Cola’s.” Doug Busk, global group director of Digital Communications & Social Media, The Coca-Cola Company.

For Excellence in e-Commerce and Transactional Business — ATCO With Wipro Ltd
In this category, we honor exceptional achievement in using a 360-degree customer view to anticipate customer needs, capture dynamic transactions, and increase conversion rates. The winner is ATCO group (@ATCO) in partnership with Wipro Ltd (@Wipro).

ATCO Group is a $20 billion enterprise — with approximately 7,000 employees — engaged in structures and logistics, electricity, pipelines and liquids, and retail energy. ATCO partnered with Wipro to achieve a seamless digital experience, regardless of the internal business unit. A customer can explore, learn, and purchase across ATCO’s entire offering. ATCO is creating a single catalog and checkout buy-flow across all business units. Regardless where the initial customer interaction begins, the combined cart not only allows disparate products and services to be added to the same customer’s cart, but also enables that customer to checkout in a seamless, intuitive way.

For Our Spirit of Experience Award — MasterCard
In this category, we honor exceptional achievement in using the platform for public good, inspiring everyone around for the greater good — and our winner is MasterCard (@Mastercard).

One-hundred ninety-three world leaders agreed to 17 global goals for sustainable development. If these goals are completed, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change by 2030. MasterCard’s goal is to enable 2.2 billion cardholders to automatically make donations to humanitarian organizations in 200+ markets. They created The Donation Platform, which acts as a global enabler in the humanitarian space by connecting consumers, merchants, banks, and humanitarian organizations and empowering them to collectively fight to support great causes while changing lives for the better. The cardholder knows that making donations — even microdonations — combined with the donations of many others, will make positive differences in people’s lives. By leveraging Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics at the core of the donation experience-delivery engine, the donation platform — in partnership with merchants, banks, and humanitarian organizations — offers different ways to donate in 200+ markets. The donation platform creates communities that are collectively engaged in supporting great causes. So far, 28,000 Postepay Evolution MasterCard cardholders have signed up to donate each time they shop, contributing to nutritious meals being provided for children in school through the World Food Programme.

In Conclusion
We thank our customers and partners for sharing their great stories and congratulate the winners on their achievements. We look forward to the 2018 EXPE awards and hope to hear from even more customers and partners. We are super excited to see what great heights you achieve.

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