UXperts Weigh In: Designs We Love, April Edition

by Patrick Faller

posted on 04-18-2017

Whether you’re looking to up your exercise game, plan a trip, or just send some greeting cards this April, our UXperts have some top recommendations for you. We’ve asked them to share app and web designs they’re loving right now, and tell us why they’re great examples of UX done right.

Sheldon Rennie, Senior UX/UI Designer and Art Director at Sheldon Rennie

Pick:Nike+ Training

Like most things that come out of everyone’s favourite shoe company, the Nike+ Training Club app is gorgeously designed. On the workout listing screens clean typography and bright images are used alongside glanceable notes of difficulty level and workout length. Featured workouts are served up alongside personalized picks based on your past workouts. Of course, everything is easily sortable using the filtering controls.

What I’m most impressed with is the in-workout experience. Nike has put a lot of thought into accommodating someone who is working out with their phone, and utilizes sound and video to make this much less awkward than it could be. The majority of the screen is taken up by a large, looping multi-angle instructional video that shows you exactly what you’re supposed to — and not supposed to — do. Voiceover prompts explain what to do for each move and encourage you to push harder. The main call-to-action is a bright green checkmark button that advances you to the next move. The workout ends with a satisfying completion screen that summarizes your efforts.

The design is so thoughtful you could almost forget you’re doing four reps of burpees. Almost.

Joan Lafferty, Senior Product Manager at Adobe XD

Pick: Ink Cards by Sincerely

No one sends paper cards anymore. But when you do get one, doesn’t it give you a lot of warm fuzzies? Ink Cards makes it really easy to get back into the habit of sending people personalized messages. With the app, I can quickly choose an occasion, upload photos to use in one of their templates, view my card, and then add a personalized message. The best part is that Ink Cards completes the workflow. They will also send the card for you (at a small fee, of course).

The first time I sent one, there was no confusion over how to choose a card, add photos or messages. I was in and out of the app within 15 minutes. My senators received personalized messages from me and I never had to get out a stamp, just my credit card.

Darren Jones, Creative Director at Elevation Marketing

Pick: Cuberto.com

Cuberto’s site is a breath of fresh air. Its clean design and white space allows the user to enjoyably explore projects the agency has done for their clients. They do a really great job utilizing video and smooth transition movements, giving the user a great, simple experience. The use of the consistent letter in the middle of the screen, which is the first letter of the client’s name, creates a simple visual element that doesn’t move and carries through to every client project. That simple design element ties back to the home page revealing the letter C for the agency itself, Cuberto.

Not only does the site look great on desktop but its responsive design for mobile keeps the experience the same. Here are some key highlights:

I’m so inspired by sites like this one.

Kira Butler, Senior UX/UI Designer at Luxury Retreats

Pick: Hopper

Hopper is a mobile app that tracks the best prices for flights around the world and provides recommended travel times for users with an easy to understand, elegant UI. It leverages push notifications to alert you when pricing variations occur for your watched trips. Handy if you’d rather focus on other aspects of your vacation planning.

They’ve bolstered their feature set in recent months to include travel tips, and increased the amount of filtration on search results to include layovers, direct flights, and other finicky details that impact a user’s planning. For those of us with wanderlust, this is a real asset.

I’m a huge fan of the at-a-glance color coding, in-app animations, and the overall tone of the experience. The sign-up flow was also a delight, but the granular details are the big win for conversion: how much you save, how many seats are left, and you can close the sale in a couple of taps. On mobile devices, I expect a wicked simple checkout experience and Hopper delivers.

What websites or apps are you loving right now? Let us know in the comments!

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