Play to Win: Don’t Let Documents Slow Down Your Customer Experience

by Russell Brady

posted on 04-19-2017

Let’s be honest, paper documents and file cabinets are passé. But, with 80 percent of business processes still being paper based, it’s a struggle to get campaigns to market quickly. What’s more, it’s next to impossible to outpace the competition without delivering an award-winning, all-digital customer experience.

Adobe Document Cloud created quite a buzz at this year’s Summit — and for good reason. It’s setting the pace for faster, better digital workflows and easier document management. Adobe Document Cloud makes it easy to get skin in the game by helping marketers increase productivity, accelerate marketing decision-making, and deliver those game-changing digital experiences customers crave.

Prevent Analog Whiplash With a Completely Digital Experience.
“From your customer’s point of view, anytime you start a process digital and keep the process digital, you make the experience better,” says Lori DeFurio, group manager, Customer Marketing at Adobe and presenter for Document Cloud at Summit. “If in the middle of a web or mobile app experience you suddenly ask a customer to do something manual — like print out a mortgage application to sign — the risk of losing that customer becomes really high.”

When faced with an analog break in a process that, up until that point, had been digital, customers fall off instead of completing purchases or taking desired actions. No one likes to print out paper documents, sign them, and then scan them back in. It’s a hassle, and — according to Lori — jumping from digital to analog and back is not only frustrating for the customer, but also opens the door for errors, higher costs, and wasted time for businesses.

“If you have to write something out on paper — a name, phone number, or birthdate — someone eventually needs to enter it back in. There’s an increased chance for error,” Lori says. An all-digital experience from start to finish is more cohesive, consistent, and faster. Keeping customers in a fully digital environment without a break in the process just makes sense — and that’s where Adobe Document Cloud comes into play.

Deliver Hassle-Free, All-Digital Experiences From Start to Finish:

Keep Brand Messaging Consistent and Cohesive.

Be Better. Be Faster. Make Customers Happy.
Adobe Document Cloud integrates end to end with the customer experience, but it also creates a streamlined process that eliminates delays and accelerates marketing-campaign velocity — from creative approvals to getting assets to market.

Document Cloud includes Adobe Acrobat — the best way to create, manage, and collaborate with PDF. Acrobat and PDF have been productivity workhorses for creatives and marketers for years — and for good reason. These tools not only allow marketing teams to collaborate simply and securely with creatives, vendors, and clients, but also translate easily onto mobile platforms.

Imagine a mortgage company’s marketing team is collaborating with a creative agency to launch its new mobile app. Traditionally, these exchanges would go back and forth through lengthy email threads containing assets being sent from one side to the other and approvals being given within the text — and all while everyone is attempting to keep track of who has what assets and which assets should only be shared with certain teams. Sound confusing? It definitely can be.

Instead, imagine this process on Adobe Document Cloud. Using PDFs, the marketing team and creative agency can communicate freely in one consistent place. Assets can be created and shared securely. Viewing permissions can be limited so no one outside of the project accidentally stumbles upon the information. Approvals can be given simply through Adobe Sign, and when it is time to transfer assets from planning to mobile publication, it’s a breeze. All of this means a more effectively executed marketing strategy.

Navigate Complexity With the Right Tools and Exceed Customer Expectations.
Whether it’s digitizing intimidating, paper-based processes (such as securing a mortgage); collaborating with your team more easily; or finding a better way to add legally binding signatures; Adobe Document Cloud is making it possible for marketers and customers to achieve their goals. Ready to go digital? Start learning more about all the great ways in which Adobe Document Cloud can help your business today.


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