Adobe Applauds Introduction of IT Modernization Legislation

by Cris Paden

posted on 04-28-2017

Adobe Vice President & Public Sector Chief Technology Officer John Landwehr made the following statement today with regards to the reintroduction of the Modernizing Government Technology Act in the House:

“Adobe applauds Congressman Will Hurd (Texas) for reintroducing the Modernizing Government Technology Act, H.R. 2227, and urges Congress to move quickly to enact this important piece of legislation. Modernizing the federal IT infrastructure is crucial to ensuring a stronger cyber security foundation. The federal government on average spends nearly 80 percent of its IT budget on servicing and maintaining legacy IT systems, drowning out investments in newer technologies that often deliver better, more secure and less costly services to citizens.

The upfront infusion of funding from the Technology Modernization Fund, combined with the agency working capital funds which will grow as agencies save money on their IT investments, are critical to the government getting the biggest bang for its IT buck. The bill would also refocus valuable federal resources where they matter most—securing sensitive data and modernizing antiquated systems to help agencies provide enhanced digital experiences for American citizens.

Congressman Hurd deserves credit for his continued push to get this bill done in the new Congress and working with stakeholders to lower the cost of the bill while requiring modernization of legacy IT systems across the federal enterprise. We appreciate Congressman Hurd’s continued leadership on this issue, along with all of the co-sponsors of this bill, and encourage Congress to work together in a bi-partisan manner to enact this important legislation that will result in immediate and meaningful improvements.”

Topics: Data & Privacy