Accelerate Marketing Execution with Digital Document Workflows

by Russell Brady

posted on 05-03-2017

Your marketing team works hard to deliver exceptional results for your business, and efficient document management is key. For example, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines — the flagship carrier of the Netherlands — is known for prioritizing sustainable travel. But, beyond deploying smart aircrafts and using sustainable biofuels to reduce Co2 emissions, KLM’s action plan strives to increase efficiencies in sales and marketing, eliminating delays and streamlining processes.

Negotiating agreements on behalf of its partners, KLM relies on global teams and joint signatures to execute contracts. Until recently, the process required massive amounts of paperwork and lengthy wait times; but today, 98 percent of all KLM sales contracts are signed using e-signatures.

With more visibility into contract status and a more manageable process for tracking and reporting, the time needed to complete the internal signing process decreased from weeks to mere days — placing a legally binding contract into the hands of an outside partner in just a few hours. And, having eliminated more than one one-million pages from their annual paper consumption, the new digital workflow also supports KLM’s sustainability goals.

Reach New Altitudes With End-to-End Speed-Marketing Execution.
Marketers can learn an important lesson from KLM’s success — digital document workflows create a new, more efficient way to do business. In simpler words, a digital workflow enables marketing to move more quickly.

Think about it — every signed contract that KLM executes is emailed directly to the company controller where it’s filed electronically. By reducing the volume of paperwork, no one spends time searching for documents, creating (and re-creating) new ones, or waiting for approvals or signatures to arrive on paper.

When marketers can reliably create, edit, and sign PDFs — both in the office and on the go — they create an efficient digital workflow that allows marketing teams and business leaders to move projects more quickly. From easy collaboration and digital document sharing to fast review, approval, and e-sign integration — better tools and processes accelerate marketing execution from end to end.

Work Anywhere and Edit Anything on the Fly.
Just as KLM discovered, when anyone can sign and return a document in seconds — from any location and device — you complete transactions in record time, never again bothering with overnight delivery.

Digital solutions, like Adobe Document Cloud, create a streamlined workflow that eliminates delays and speeds up marketing-campaign velocity — from creative approvals to getting assets into market.

As marketers develop their own digital workflows and processes, they should look for tools that create simpler user experiences and work consistently across desktop, mobile, and web platforms. For the most-efficient workflows, marketers should also ensure that their resources allow them to:

Create and Collaborate Using Smart PDFs:

Be Secure:

Easily Use and View Digital Documents:

Remain Connected and Productive When on the Go:

With these capabilities, digital document tools keep businesses at the forefront of efficiency and innovation. After all, modern businesses demand a modern approach to document management. Digital workflows make marketers’ jobs easier — plain and simple.

Transform Marketing With All-Digital Experiences and Watch Your Business Soar.
Documents are the central nervous system of any company. Transitioning from analog documents to digital solutions gives teams more visibility throughout the marketing process, increasing company accountability, strengthening client relationships, and clearing time for businesses like KLM to focus on other activities.

So, let your business soar. Accelerate marketing execution by taking your digital document solution to the next level.

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