Peek Behind the Sneaks: A New Roadmap for the Customer Journey

by Adobe Communications Team

posted on 05-05-2017

Have you ever been irritated by an app? Even a brand or service you love can become annoying if it buzzes your phone too often, asserts itself at off hours or regularly delivers off-target information.

That’s why Stephanie Au, senior product manager for Adobe Marketing Cloud and Ben Gaines, group product manager for Adobe Analytics collaborated to create #JourneyAI, a sneak technology that promises to make it easier for apps and other digital services to understand your needs and deliver the right experiences at the right time.

“Brands need to orchestrate a customer experience across an increasingly complex landscape of customer touch points,” explains Stephanie.

“Usually those fragmented experiences are created and owned by different teams and roles within a brand’s marketing team. Perhaps one team creates Facebook ads, while a different team is responsible for email marketing. They may be totally uncoordinated. So what we wanted to do is offer marketers a holistic view across all these customer touch points. As marketers, it allows us to visualize the customer journey,” she continues.

#JourneyAI uses solutions across the Experience Cloud, such as Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics, along with Adobe Sensei machine learning in support of an emerging role in the marketing organization — the journey product manager, responsible for cross-channel customer relationship tracking.

During Sneaks at Summit 2017, Stephanie and Ben showed the audience how a marketer and analyst can collaborate using #JourneyAI to plan a promotion from awareness to conversion; orchestrate the delivery of multi-team content resources; visualize the resulting data analytics and insights via Adobe Sensei machine learning and natural language processing; and then optimize ongoing delivery of a promotion based on that understanding.

_and_As for Ben? “Even as a kid I would pore over baseball cards and memorize batting averages,” he muses. “I started my career developing content for a travel website in the early days of the Internet economy, and naturally gravitated towards the analytics side of the business. At one point I even had my own radio show discussing sports analytics around the NBA. I guess you could say I’ve always enjoyed data.”

#JourneyAI is a great example of the way the people and the technology behind Adobe’s Experience Cloud are working to solve emerging challenges in marketing. “From a data perspective, what’s unique and powerful is that we can bring all this data into one place and do some predictive data crunching to find patterns that are most relevant to bring to the attention of the marketer,” Ben says. “And from a marketers perspective, it’s that we’ve brought it all together to meet a cross-enterprise need, rather than a team-specific solution,” adds Stephanie.

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