Introducing the New Adobe Exchange for Adobe Experience Cloud: Enabling Partners to Create Better Experiences

by Tyler Briggs

posted on 05-08-2017

Customer-experience technology is highly fragmented, and companies are looking for ways to bring all their different technologies together in one location. That’s why, just over one year ago, Adobe announced the Adobe Exchange partner program for Adobe Experience Cloud. The Adobe Exchange partner program is designed to cultivate and drive innovation with our ever-expanding ecosystem of independent software vendors (ISVs) and data partners — giving them the tools to build and market their integrations. Customers can then easily implement these integrations to increase the functionality of their Adobe solutions and create better customer experiences.

Today at Summit EMEA, we’re introducing new capabilities within our Adobe Exchange partner program that will not only help partners maximize their efforts, but also create better experiences for our tech-partner community.

New Adobe Exchange Program Website
We’re unveiling a new and improved Adobe Exchange partner program website for Adobe Experience Cloud — complete with content that caters to the needs of ISVs. This new website gives our partners access to the information and resources they need to build and go to market around integrated solutions. In addition to details on how to join the program, new features include a news section (to keep our community up to date), a program-benefits page, and additional resources that will provide partners with the technical integration details needed to ensure the highest-quality integrations.

New Adobe Exchange Marketplace
An updated version of our Adobe Exchange marketplace — Adobe’s cross-cloud marketplace for third-party integrations, applications, and solutions — will launch in August 2017. The new site will make it easy for Adobe customers to discover integrations that extend the values of their existing Adobe investments. Updates to the Adobe Exchange marketplace include:

Partners will have the opportunity to start creating content for their listings after Summit EMEA.

How to Get Started
Existing Adobe Exchange Partners:

  1. Register for and start using the resources available on the Adobe Exchange partner program website for Adobe Experience Cloud and make sure all relevant contacts within your company are registered.
  2. Watch for an announcement from Adobe to update your Adobe Exchange listing on the marketplace.

ISV and Data Partners Who Want to Join the Adobe Exchange Partner Program:
If you’re interested in becoming a Business or Premier Partner, please contact Bryson Webster at

Looking Ahead
We recognize the value that every technology and data partner brings to Adobe. We appreciate and thank our partners for their investments and commitments to Adobe — helping us enable brands to deliver effective and delightful experiences to their customers. As consumer expectations continue to grow, so does our need to innovate and build against those expectations. The Adobe Exchange partner program is an integral part of Adobe’s vision to meet the future needs of consumers everywhere.

For any questions about the Adobe Exchange partner program, please contact us at

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