Capturing the Power of Design

by Ashley Still

posted on 05-09-2017

Brands and business leaders everywhere are grappling with the realities of digital transformation and the challenge of designing meaningful experiences for their customers.

In this Era of Experience—fueled by rapidly evolving consumer expectations, an explosion of content channels and digital devices, advancements in data analytics and new capabilities in personalization technology—design is emerging as a critical competitive advantage for every brand.

Great design is more than a visual experience. It’s about the way things work. Good design experiences should be simple, engaging and useful.

But capturing the power of design to create meaningful experiences isn’t easy. The brands that are doing it most successfully are forging new paths everyday—leveraging new technology to help them iterate and personalize content as they engage their customers in new ways. They’re also learning from both their successes and their setbacks.

This is why we’ve created the first dedicated Creative & Design Track at Adobe Summit EMEA—providing you with a first-hand opportunity to learn from some of the most forward-thinking brands in the world about the ways they’re using Adobe Creative Cloud to design, create and manage powerful digital experiences.

But there’s another part to the story too. ALL meaningful digital experiences require exceptional content at scale. Whether you’re working with video, photography, graphic design, the written word or UX, you need new ways to create and design faster—new processes, new workflows and new technologies to help you create iterate, deliver, test and curate at increasing velocity.

In addition to hearing from these speakers, I hope you’ll also visit us at the Adobe booth in the Community Pavilion to see how Adobe Creative Cloud can help you capitalize on the benefits of going digital, including:

I’m looking forward to hearing from these great brands, and hearing your stories too. If you’re responsible for creating digital experiences, don’t miss the Creative & Design sessions and be sure to visit us at the Adobe booth.

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