How Digital Workflows Eliminate Unnecessary Steps from the Customer Experience

Fortune 500 computer storage company NetApp needed a way to reduce a product’s time to market and simplify communication with its customers. When sales representatives shared a new product with a potential client, they needed the legal department to draft a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), deliver a physical copy to the customer, then get that document returned and processed. It was a complicated, inefficient workflow that prevented NetApp from reaching its full potential.

The solution was to go digital. Using Adobe Sign, NetApp’s marketers worked with the legal team to draft several pre-approved NDAs that could be automatically delivered to customers in an instant. The marketing team was now able to achieve turnarounds that were impossible with individually crafted NDAs. The legal team saved time and effort too, no longer creating new documents for every new customer, and clients received information from NetApp faster than from the company’s competitors.

The results from NetApp’s new digital workflow were astonishing. NDAs were processed three times faster using Adobe Sign than physical documents. Sales contracts that used to take 19 days to finish were completed in five, and support staff productivity increased by 93 percent. NetApp’s paper-based process required 15 hours of work a week. Its digital workflow completed the same process in just one hour.

Digital platforms have the power to create more efficient workflows and better customer outreach. By following NetApp’s example, marketers can save time and money, increase productivity, and get products to customers faster.

Check out the infographic to see how incorporating a complete digital workflow can simplify and speed up your business processes, and learn how Adobe can help you transition to an all-digital workflow.

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