How Do I… Track Documents Sent for Signature?

by Document Cloud Team

posted on 05-25-2017

There’s something deeply satisfying about a signature at the end of a process. Whether finishing a painting or wrapping up a sale, the simple act of signing a name puts a period at the end of the sentence. You’ve done it!

Or have you?

According to IDC research, 55% of office workers have no clue where their documents sit in the signing process. Who needs to sign next? Have they opened the document? Have they even received it? Lack of visibility leads to broken processes and frustrated stakeholders.

With Document Cloud and the Adobe Sign mobile app, users can easily check in on the status of documents that have been sent for signature. View file history, send reminders, or even initiate in-person signing. Follow these steps to get to the finish line with Adobe Sign.


Download the Adobe Sign mobile app for iOS or Android.

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