Equipping the Workforce with Competitive Skills

by Document Cloud Team

posted on 06-05-2017

In recent years, the Australian state of Queensland has faced a shortage of skilled labor to help drive its economy. TAFE Queensland is helping to reduce the skilled labor gap, training 120,000 students in trades such as electrical, plumbing, automotive, cookery, and engineering. But as Australia’s second largest state, TAFE Queensland was often reaching out to students, families, and employers thousands of miles away for signatures on operational paperwork. As a result, processing paperwork and obtaining appropriate signatures could take a long time.

By introducing Adobe Sign, an Adobe Document Cloud solution, TAFE Queensland can send documents for digital signatures. Documents can be viewed and signed on any computer or mobile device, allowing TAFE Queensland to reach people quickly and efficiently.

“Adobe Sign cut the time to induct apprentices and trainees for training courses and allowed us to have richer, more meaningful engagement with students and employers,” said Jo Adams, Manager of Recognition and Workplace Services at TAFE Queensland SkillsTech. “It also made us more competitive with smaller, more agile private learning institutions.”

After introducing Adobe Sign, the time needed to complete and return onboarding paperwork was reduced from an average of two weeks to ten minutes. Not only has the switch to digital documents contributed to sustainability initiatives, it also improves compliance and accountability with the introduction of electronic audit trails. The efficiencies have also freed up internal staff, who now spend less time administering paperwork and more time on business-critical initiatives.

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