Artist Spotlight: Kervin Brisseaux

by Dinah Hillsdon

posted on 06-07-2017

Kervin Brisseaux is no stranger to Adobe, having worked previously with us as part of our Make it on Mobile series. His clients have included Nike, Pepsico and Atlantic Records and his bright, bold use of color paired with modernistic sci-fi illustrations have become his trademark, making for one of the most vibrant portfolios. As our June featured artist, we spoke to him to learn more about his work, his take on stock assets and what he’s got in store for the future.

ADOBE STOCK: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your creative background?

Hey! My Name is Kervin Brisseaux. I’m an artist and designer from NYC. My educational background is in architecture and I worked in the field briefly until making the transition into illustration and advertising. I’m currently an Associate Design Director at and also have the fortune of doing freelance work for some amazing clients!

AS: So how did you get started in digital art professionally?

I started freelancing while still in grad school for architecture along with doing fun work for various art collectives back in the day. So I was always drawn (pun intended) towards illustration even before making the transition full-time into that industry a few years later. About a year after graduating, I got myself an agent and was eventually working for a variety of design agencies throughout NYC before finally landing a full-time gig at Vault49.

AS: What are your perceptions of stock images, and do you think the perception is changing?

I think the usefulness of stock imagery varies depending on context. I’ve personally used stock for both commercial campaigns and mock-ups for ideas. A sort of ‘litmus test’ for stock images to get used is, ironically, “does it look like a stock image”? What I mean by that is, for example, how does the quality of this stock hold up to actually doing a photoshoot? What that answer is depends on the tastes and needs of who you are talking to. I don’t know if this perception has changed, but, I think the accessibility of stock has greatly improved and that makes it easier for designers, like myself, to find the right images that meet their standards.

(Above: Kervin’s exclusive artwork created using Adobe Stock images for the June theme “Documentary Reality”)

AS: How would you describe your style?

I tend to play with a few digital mediums, but ultimately my style tends to be an heterogeneous mix of sci-fi elements with ‘neon-acid’ colors and shapes. Over the past few years, I’ve adapted this style to create fashion illustrations that play on augmented reality using photography and illustration elements.

AS: Where do you find your inspiration?

I tend to be on tumblr A LOT and post my findings on a blog as a result –

Other than that, just being in NYC has been a great source. There are a variety of exhibitions, locations and music scenes you can go to in this amazing city.

AS: What are you excited to work on in 2017?

I finally a have an idea on an exhibition that I can’t wait to get started on. Don’t wanna reveal anything just yet, but it’ll definitely draw on some of my key inspirations and youth culture, but with a slight twist. Hoping to get this done within the next couple of years!

AS: What music do you currently listen to whilst working (if any!)?

What don’t I listen to would be easier to answer. I used to DJ back in the day so I definitely have a deep crate of tunes that I cycle through. My favorite genres usually being deep house, soul, funk, RnB and hip hop.

You can discover more of Kervin’s work on his website, Behance or on Instagram.

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