Create an Interactive PDF Form from a Word Document

Image saying: Create an Interactive PDF Form from a Word Document.

Documents are the underpinning of office work, and PDF and Microsoft Office are some of the most commonly used formats in the everyday business workflow. So why not use the two together to build interactive PDF forms that can be filled and signed anywhere?

Start right in Acrobat

  1. Choose Tools > Prepare Form and click Select a file to browse to the document you’d like to convert to an interactive PDF form. You can also convert Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint files into PDF documents.

If your form requires signatures, select the checkbox for “This document requires signatures”.

Make sure “Form field auto detection is ON” and choose Start to prepare the form.

Acrobat automatically detects and creates interactive form fields. If Acrobat did not detect a particular form field or you need to edit a field do the following:

  1. Right-click on any form field and choose Properties… to edit.

  1. Create new fields where necessary using the toolbar at the top. Click the Preview button in the upper right-hand corner to test your form by filling out all the fields.

  1. Use the toolbar at the top to Add a Signature field. In the yellow box, select who needs to sign (i.e., anyone, sender, or signer). Save the file.

Fill and Sign Anywhere

Now you’re in the home stretch, so be sure to hit the blue Send for Signature button to allow recipients to fill and sign your new interactive form in Acrobat, Reader, a browser, or mobile device.

If you want to collect data for your PDF forms, be sure not to miss our upcoming series post on how to use a SharePoint server to host data collection for PDF forms.