Rep. Adam Smith Discovers How Adobe is Helping Government Modernize Its Digital Experiences

by Cris Paden

posted on 06-13-2017

Posted by By Bridget Perry, Vice President of Enterprise Marketing

Adobe was honored to host Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA) recently at our Seattle “Fremont” office. Representative Smith met with a number of Adobe employees during a townhall meeting, including many of his own Washington 9th Congressional District constituents. He also learned how Adobe is helping government agencies transform their digital experiences and protect sensitive information with digital rights management.

As Ranking Member of the influential House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Smith was excited to learn about how Adobe is working with the Department of Defense to help transform the U.S. Marines’ new recruiting website ( into a modern digital experience platform. Adobe has partnered with the Marines on several occasions to bring its digital properties to life, including transforming Marines Magazine into a free tablet app with interactive, immersive content using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Adobe has also helped the U.S. Army adopt a mobile-first strategy with the launch of to help reach potential recruits on mobile devices and desktops with the most recent and captivating content.

For government organizations, security is essential. Adobe’s experience protecting sensitive content across devices for private sector clients has enabled us to offer government solutions with security at their core. As a key defense policymaker, Congressman Smith was interested in how the Defense Department can better protect its information with digital rights management (DRM), because once a document is shared beyond a network, it becomes vulnerable. With digital rights management, access control technologies are used to restrict access to and usage of content, protecting data no matter where it is located. DRM encryption can provide persistent protection and automatically track information as it is shared outside of an agency or department.

During his visit, Rep. Smith also received a demonstration of Adobe Spark – a free online and mobile design app that allows users to easily transform their ideas into stunning graphics, web pages and animated videos with little or no design experience. Tools like Spark are critical stepping stones for young designers and photographers as they become more accustomed to Adobe tools like Creative Cloud. More specifically, Spark provides public policy officials and government agencies with a dynamic, compelling means for communicating with their constituents, resulting in a more engaging online experience for citizens.

We appreciate the Congressman taking the time to visit our Seattle office and engage with Adobe’s Seattle office employees. As always, the Adobe Government Relations team will continue to work with legislators to promote public policies that help government agencies provide better digital experiences for citizens and create the next generation of creative problem solvers.

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