Stock Like Only Adobe Can: Adobe Stock Brings New Search Features and Editorial Partnerships to Creatives Worldwide

by Claude Alexandre

posted on 06-13-2017

Since introducing Adobe Stock in 2015, we’ve continued to rapidly grow our collections and innovate our offerings. Beyond expanding Adobe Stock to over 90 million assets, we’ve gained a deeper understanding of how you as creatives operate and we are committed to providing visual content that not only reflects authenticity, but provides powerful story telling. We intend to further push the boundaries in which you work by revolutionizing how stock assets should, and now through Adobe, can be searched.

Today, Adobe is excited to announce Aesthetic Filters, a new search technology powered by Adobe Sensei, and several new partnerships with Reuters, USA TODAY Sports and Stocksy.

Need to Find the Perfect Image Quickly? Adobe Sensei Has You Covered

Adobe recognizes the challenges you face as creatives on a day to day basis. We’re all too familiar with how you can spend endless hours scrolling for the perfect image. Driven by this, we brought you Visual Search in November 2016 – simply drag any still image into your browser to find similar ones that fit exactly what you’re looking for. Taking matters into our own hands again, today we’re bringing you Aesthetic Filters – an entirely new way to search for images using aesthetic characteristics starting with Depth of Field and Vivid Color. The faster you find exactly what you need, the more time you can focus on what you love – creating.

Stunning New Editorial and Premium Content at Your Fingertips

2017 has already been a big year for Adobe Stock and partnerships. We welcomed 500px and Pond5 earlier this year, and with today’s announcement, we’re arming our creative arsenals with even more phenomenal, highly curated assets to amplify your creative storytelling. I’m thrilled to have Reuters, USA TODAY Sports, and Stocksy join the family, and what this will mean for our users everywhere. Editorial is a critical component of modern storytelling, but getting the rights to photos and videos of buzzworthy moments can be challenging. Imagine what stories you’ll tell now that you have access to these powerful news, sports, entertainment and lifestyle images.

Adobe Stock at The Center of Creative Workflows

From the start, Adobe Stock has always uniquely and natively integrated directly within Creative Cloud, saving you time, and enabling uninterrupted creativity. I’m pleased to share that starting today, this integration will go beyond Adobe. Users everywhere now have access to Adobe Stock directly within Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Thanks to our unique Visual Search technology, we make it simple for you to find exactly what you’re looking for – using images instead of words. Download the free Adobe Stock Add-In for PowerPoint and incorporate beautiful visuals right into your presentations anytime.

We’re Here to Ease Your Creative Roadblocks

Whether it’s been significantly growing our collections and contributor community, or adding a multitude of assets such as templates, videos and 3D, our top priority has always been you – the creatives. We invite you to experience Adobe Stock and let us know what you think of the latest search features, as well as our newest editorial and premium content.

Header Image: Hamad-I-Mohammed/REUTERS


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